My Bestfriend My Love ~Episode 6


I left the balcony and saw Stanley. He looked like he had been searching for me and asked where I had been. I said nothing and hugged him. I kissed him after and it lasted for a while and I noticed Jide pass by me, looking so jealous. After the kiss, I took in so much alcohol and I got intoxicated. I wanted to dance and not stop. Stanley upon realizing how drunk I was, just held me close to him and we danced till the party was over; everyone had left. My room was a mess and I could imagine sleeping in that mess and I was way too intoxicated to clean it up. So, I left with Stanley to his room which was on the third floor. He had his own room, with no roommates, just like me and we showered together and slept afterwards. 
We did nothing that night and I woke up that morning with a hangover. My head was aching badly, but I had to go to my room and clean it. The thought of it made me whine; I was way too weak for that. So Stanley suggested we get a cleaner to do the cleaning for me. When we got out of the room, I saw Jide come out of a room, not so far from Stanley’s and he also turned and saw us. I ignored him and Stanley locked his door and we left to my room afterwards. It was when we got to my room that I asked Stanley why he chose to be in a room close Jide’s. He looked at me surprised and said he never knew; he just moved to the room that semester and didn’t know Jide was there too, and he didn’t really care about him so he told me not to bother. I nodded and then told him about what happened the night before in my balcony.
Stanley didn’t act up; he just shook his head and asked me not to mind him. He said he was just jealous and was obviously realizing how stupid he had been for letting me go. We laughed and then, he got a cleaner to clean my room. After the cleaner left, my room was clean and looking good enough. We got food and ate together in my room and then he left to do something. It was a Saturday and there was nothing to do. I was new in school and lectures hadn’t begun so I had nothing to read and no assignments. So, I watched a series when he left. I slept off while watching the series and was woken by a knock on my door. “Who is that?” I asked myself. It couldn’t be Stanley, ‘or could it be that someone had left something here last night and came back to take it?’ I wondered. I walked to the door and peeped through my pin hole to see who it was and lo and behold, it was Jide. I opened the door and asked, ‘Jide, what are you doing here?’ My hair was a mess and I looked so sleepy with no makeup on; but I wasn’t really bothered. Jide was the last person I cared about in the world and I didn’t care about my impression on him. I wanted him to just leave and stay away from me. I asked him to come in and gave him a seat. He commented on how nice my room decorations were and I said nothing. I just asked him to go ahead with what he had to say and he said, ‘Bisi, what you said yesterday and what I saw this morning got me thinking. Bisi, you told me you wanted to wait till your wedding night before having sex and I believed you. I even agreed to it and encouraged you. But I know you’ve been having sex with Stanley. You did last night, and I want to know one thing. Did you do it all that while that you were dating the both of us? Did you?’
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His question got me wondering what was wrong with him. So I said, ‘Jide, leave me the hell alone! I don’t care about you and your questions and you know what, believe what you want. Please leave my room and never come back. Your girlfriend must be waiting for you.’ After saying that, he sat there and refused to get up and so I screamed and that worked. He left in no time and I called Stanley afterwards. I told him Jide was in my room and was really pissing me off and upon narrating what happened to him, Stanley got so mad and said I shouldn’t worry. He told me he was going to deal with him and warn him not to try contacting me again. I said, “Okay” and went back to watching my Series. 
After a few hours, I was bored and tired of being indoors all day; so I called Stanley and asked where he was and he said he wasn’t in the hostel and was with his male friends in another hostel. I didn’t know what to do and so I got up, dressed up and went out of my room to the parking lot. And there, I met Jide again. This time, he was with his girlfriend and it seemed they were going somewhere. I pretended I hadn’t seen him, walked to my car and drove out of campus. Where was I even going? I didn’t know.
Then, it occurred to me that I could just go to the mall and get some foodstuffs. I hadn’t bought a lot of them and having nothing to do that day, I just shopped for them. As I shopped, I met a guy. He seemed to be following me everywhere I went and I didn’t like it. He didn’t look dangerous; and was rather good looking tall, and very masculine. He looked like a Black-American model and I had a thing for guys like that. That made me so uncomfortable; I kept hoping he would stop following me. I quickened my pace at some point and then decided to just leave so I wouldn’t have to deal with him a few distances from me all the time I was going to be there. I paid for my foodstuff and when I walked out of the mall, I realized he was still following me. I smiled and thought, ‘is it that he wants to talk to me but he doesn’t know how to?’ I shook the thought off and got to the car. There,as I put the things in the backseat, he approached me and said ‘hi, I’m Larry,’ I smiled and said ‘hello,’ and then he said he was sorry he’d been following me around the mall and he had been wanting to talk to me but was too shy to approach me. “Oh!really?” I thought to myself, ‘so a guy as good looking and so manly like you could be that shy to talk to a girl?’ I said that to myself and then said, ‘okay, so I’m listening. What do you want to talk about?’He told me he liked me and wondered if we could talk some other time since I was in a hurry to leave. I didn’t say yes, I just told him I wasn’t going to give him my number and said I would see him around later. Then I sat in my car and drove off. I was so proud of myself for not letting his looks getting to me and for not entertaining him any longer than I did.
To be continued………