My Bestfriend My Love ~Episode 15


We kissed and the kiss brought all our wonderful memories back. Jide and I never had sex and so we could kiss and kiss and not end up naked in each other’s arms. The thought made me giggle and he asked what I was thinking and I said nothing. We watched a movie together and spent the rest of the evening together. He slept over that evening and though nothing happened, it felt weird when we woke up the next morning. It was Tuesday, and I had lectures so I told him and he left to his room. I couldn’t tell if I still had feelings for him or not, but he was my first love and it would be weird if I didn’t. I showered, dressed up quickly and went over to Rabby’s end. I got there and she was so excited to see me. She told me she had good news for me and I told her same. I wondered what hers was about so I tried guessing but I couldn’t. Then she told me she and Prince had had sex and it was her first time. “what? Rabby, really? I don’t know what to say. How was it?” She was so excited and she told me it felt good though it was painful at first. “Yeah, that’s normal and I’m so happy for you.” I said to her. Then, I went ahead to tell her about what happened with Jide the evening before.
She was surprised and didn’t know what to say. She told me she thought I was supposed to stay away from guys and I nodded and said, it was Jide and he told me why he broke up with me and his reason made sense. I narrated to her that what he did to me was the same thing I did to Stanley, but he was man enough to end things with me to avoid hurting me as he wasn’t sure of what he wanted anymore. Then I mentioned that, I didn’t do same,.
I rather made Stanley find out and that hurt the more so I needed to forgive Jide. Rabby listened intently as I said all that and she said, ‘Bola, you still like him. It’s so obvious. You never stopped loving him and it seems you’ve always wanted to know the reason why he left you and now that you know, you found a way to justify his actions by comparing it to yours. That makes sense you know, but I don’t want you getting hurt again and how about Stanley? What if he changes his mind and realizes he still wants you no matter what?’ That was a good question but knowing Stanley and the fact that he had been able to stay away from me that long made me think that he was really over what he had for me and I told Rabby that. She shook her head and said she just hopes I don’t do anything that I would later regret. We went for lectures afterwards and as usual, the day ended with us feeling so exhausted and we had another assignment to submit the next day.
Rabby and I went to the library right after and did the assignment and then after, Prince called and asked where she was and she told him she was at the library with me. He got to the library in no time and left with Rabby. I went back to my hostel that evening and asked Jide to come over. He did and we talked and talked, and played music and sang our hearts out. Being with Jide reminded me of all the time we spent together and how much I loved them. He left my room before midnight and I fell asleep after. I had a weird dream that night; it was about Rabby and in the dream, she had missed her period and was scared she might be pregnant. She was too scared to check too, so I took it upon myself and bought her a pregnancy test strip from the pharmacy. She was in my room then so I took her to the washroom and when I asked her to pee on it, I woke up. I thought about the dream and then I realized I didn’t ask her the previous day whether he used a condom. I just hoped he did, so I decided to ask later when I saw her. I got to her hostel earlier than usual that morning, and went up to her room. There, I asked her the question and she said, “no.” She asked why, and I said “nothing.” I didn’t want to scare her with my dream so, I told her she shouldn’t worry and we will go to the pharmacy to get a “morning after pill” to cancel any chances of her getting pregnant.
We went to the pharmacy after lectures that day and after getting “Postinor 2,” I watched her take one of the pills and told her to make sure to take the other one in twelve hours. I didn’t want her getting pregnant as she sure wasn’t ready for that yet so, I told her to make sure the next time they had sex, they used a condom. And after saying that, I went back to the pharmacy with her and got a pack for her. I asked her to keep it on her anytime they met so that if he gave any excuse that he didn’t have one, she would give it to him so he use it. Rabby kept wondering why I was keen on her being safe and she kept pestering me to tell her why, so I did and then she understood. That evening, I went back to my hall, feeling so proud about what I had done. I took out my diary and wrote about it and it felt great doing that.Jide came to my room that evening and brought pizza along as if he knew how hungry I was. We ate it and then, we watched a movie together and though the previous nights he had spent saw us kissing and not going any further, this time we both couldn’t help it.
We kissed and ended up making love and it felt good. He was the first guy I was sleeping with after Stanley and though I hate to compare, I realized I missed Stanley. I really did, because there was no way anyone could make me feel like he did. After, we both just laid on my bed and Jide asked, ‘Bisi, so what next for us?’ I knew what that question meant and I didn’t know what answer to give. I was confused and I didn’t want to get into another relationship. I just wasn’t ready, but I told him to give me time to think about it and that I didn’t want to rush into another relationship. Well, it wasn’t going to be another relationship, it was just going to be me going back to my ex and the thought of it made my head ache so I just put my head on his chest, closed my eyes and slept.
To be continued…….