My Bestfriend My Love ~Episode 14


Everything that happened that night didn’t feel real to me, it felt like a movie or a dream. It was just too good to be true and when we ordered the pizza, we sat facing each other. That was when it happened; he put his hands on the table and asked for mine. He held it and looked into my eyes. I found myself drifting out of this world when he looked into my eyes and then he said, ‘Bola, I like you. I like you so much and that is why I asked you to come here with me.’ That wasn’t all that he said, he told me I was beautiful and different from all the other girls he knew and he wanted me to be his girlfriend. I tried so hard to keep the tears in, I didn’t want to cry again but I was too weak for that. His words just triggered the tears and I cried. I liked him and had been fantasizing about him for so long. I couldn’t believe that it was finally happening and he was finally asking me to be his girlfriend. It was a perfect setting and when I looked again at him, I realized he was waiting for an answer. Of course he was. I told him I like him too and said ‘I fell for you a long time ago, I love you Jide and this is so perfect.’ He smiled when I said that, and he squeezed my hand and said ‘I love you too.’ I was so happy, I finally had a boyfriend and I wished I could scream and let the whole world know that I had a boyfriend. The waiter brought our pizza sometime after and as we ate, I told him our kiss was my first.
He was surprised and seemed so excited. I told him how much I loved it and then he went ahead to tell me about his first. He said it was way back in primary school with a girl that everyone had been teasing him with. And he said it wasn’t that good, and they were just playing around and none of the subsequent kisses he had, had felt us great as ours.What he said, sounded like music to my ears, I was too happy. I was so in love and I wished that what we had would last forever. We left the mall around 10:00pm, got a cab and when we got to my house, I didn’t want to go in. I wished we would be together and not have to leave to go to our homes. And as we stood by my gate, my phone rang. It was my mom calling to ask if I was coming home. I told her I was almost home and Jide hugged me and kissed me again. The kiss was better than the first, and thereafter, he watched me enter my house and he left afterwards. I went into the house, met my mom and we talked about her day and I didn’t tell her about Jide. I lied to her that I was with Stanley and then I went to my room and wrote every single thing that happened that evening down in my diary.
 Jide called sometime after, we spoke till I fell asleep. And the next morning, we spoke for like an hour too. And then, I ran to Stanley’s house to deliver the good news.
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We were still walking while I remembered all that and the memory of me going to Stanley and telling him about Jide made me sad. Then I looked at Jide and smiled. I told him I just remembered our first date and he said he could never forget that day. We got ice cream as we took the walk and he told me a joke and I laughed. Jide hadn’t changed, he seemed like the same guy I fell for and the thought of it made my heart bleed. That was the same guy that broke up with me on Facebook after he gained admission to the university. Suddenly, it all came rushing back, I felt the pain in my chest and I wanted to cry. I hated that pain and it hurt that the person that caused it was walking right by my side and was acting as though nothing had happened. I couldn’t pretend anymore so I told him I had to go back to my room. I couldn’t stand to be with him any while longer. He asked what was wrong but I didn’t mind him; I just quickened my pace but walked faster and caught up with me. Then, he held my hand and asked what was wrong with me. I just looked at him and said, ‘you broke my heart Jide, you broke my heart on facebook and you are here acting as though nothing like that happened.How can you even pretend. You sent me the message and I assumed you were taking Christianity more seriously and felt I was drawing you away from him but then I saw you with that girl, you call your girlfriend and I don’t know is she’s your ex now, at the cafeteria. You hurt me and I don’t know why I’m even entertaining you.’
I asked him to leave me alone and then I walked off. I got to my room and cried again. My heart was aching and it dawned on me that, that was the same pain I might have caused Stanley and it made me cry the more. “I shouldn’t be left alone, I shouldn’t. God, I can’t go on like this. I can’t do this anymore. I hate myself. I hurt someone and I can’t even stand the person who hurt me before. How do I even expect Stanley to forgive me?” I wept and kept talking to myself until I heard a knock on my door. I hoped in my heart that it would be Stanley. I hoped that he was finally ready to forgive and had realized he couldn’t live without me; but then when I got to the door, it wasn’t him. It was Jide and I asked him to come in. 
He told me he was sorry and had not been able to forgive himself for doing that. He told me when he gained admission and moved on campus, he was hit by peer pressure and he partied all the time and was always going somewhere to have fun and so he stopped checking up on me. He lost himself at some point and just did what everyone else did and so though he cared about me, he couldn’t even get time to talk to me. Then, he said one Friday night, he went for a drink-up with his friends and got so drunk that he blacked out and he woke up the next morning to realize he was in a girl’s bed.
He said he realized later on that they had had sex and he regretted it deeply. And so right after that, he thought about me and felt so guilty. He said he didn’t know how to face me and didn’t want to keep leading me on when he wasn’t even sure of himself. He didn’t know what he even wanted anymore, and felt so lost. So, he thought of what to tell me and that was how he came up with the message: “Thank you for your love and care, I will forever be grateful, let’s hold God tightly. I’m sorry Bisi I’m out.” 
My heart went out to him when he said that, and I felt sorry for him. I realized the same thing had happened to me and that was how come I kissed Larry, but mine didn’t go that far like Jide’s, so I told him not to worry and that I had forgiven him. Then I hugged him and he kissed me.
To be continued…….