My Bestfriend My Love ~Episode 13


I felt so proud of myself for doing that and we laughed at how stunned they looked. Rabby laughed and couldn’t stop till we got to her hostel and she had to leave. I told her I wished we were in the same hostel and she said same; so I suggested she transferred the next year to my hostel so she move in to one room.  she nodded and left. I went back to my hostel and met Jide in the parking lot once again. This time, when he walked towards me, I waited and spoke to him. We walked into the hostel together and he asked if I had watched a series, “Secrets and Lies” and I said no. He told me how nice it was and I told him I wanted it; so he left and told me he would be back in my room in no time. I went to shower after and when I straightened up my bed, he knocked and I asked him to come in. I gave him my pen drive and he pulled the two seasons of the series for me
 We watched the first two episodes and I loved it, and after he asked if I minded if we took a walk around campus. I said “yes” I hadn’t done that before since I got to school. I was always driving around and I felt it would be fun, so I got my purse and put on some makeup and then we went out together. As we walked out, I remembered how he asked me out and how our relationship began.
We were in the same neighborhood and had been crushing on him for so many years. He was every girl’s definition of a dream guy and I secretly wished that one day he would notice me and tell me he liked me. My wish came true one day. I was taking a walk in the neighborhood that day, when his little brother run towards me and told me his brother said he wanted my number. I felt I was dreaming when he said that and I pinched myself to wake up from the dream if it really was a dream. But I still stood there with him looking up at me with his hands stretched out. He handed me a paper and a pen and I wrote down my number. And immediately I gave it to him, he ran off.
 I hurriedly walked home after, as I couldn’t wait to scream and jump around. I was so happy that my lifelong dream was finally coming through. I waited patiently for his call that day but he didn’t, and that dampened my mood. I felt like he was just kidding with me, or just asked for every girl’s number for fun. And that he only called those that mattered to him. I don’t know if those thoughts made sense but they kept running through my head.
 But early the next morning, he surprised me with a call. My phone rang and when I saw the number I knew so well in my heart that he was the one. I missed the first call because I was nervous and my heart raced but he called again and I picked up. He asked what I was doing and I said nothing and he asked if I was going to be free in the evening and I said yes and asked why. My heart was pounding in my chest as we spoke. He had everything I wanted in a guy and so when he said he wanted us to go watch a movie and he had something to say to me, my heart skipped a beat. I was numb out of excitement and when I came back to my senses, I screamed and said “yes.”
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That night is one I can never forget. I dressed up in my favorite red dress, made my face up and combed my long weave out. I wanted to look as beautiful as I could and I waited patiently for him. I was so anxious and I didn’t know what to do. I liked him and he was the nicest guy in the neighborhood and had all the girls crushing on him and wanting to go out with him. “So why did he choose me?” I kept thinking all these thoughts and I didn’t realize he had been calling my phone; until I heard the bell ring. I knew it was Jide, and when I checked my phone to see if he had called, I saw five missed calls. So, I called back and told him I was ready and that I was sorry for missing his calls. I looked into my mirror one last time and then headed to the gate. My mom wasn’t home so I called earlier to tell her I wouldn’t be home until midnight and though she wasn’t so cool about it, I managed to convince her to let me go. I walked to the gate and when I opened it, I saw stars. Jide was looking so good and his smiles did nothing but take all my words out of my mouth and rendered me speechless. I stood there and just smiled and looked so lost and when he said I was looking good, I could only smile and bow my head.
He held my hand and walked me to a cab that seemed to have been waiting for a while. In the cab, Jide must have realized how nervous I was and he tried to make me comfortable by initiating a conversation. He said something funny that got me laughing and it made me feel more comfortable and I told him about myself and what I loved doing and he did same. We realized we had so many things in common and in no time, we got to the mall and then, we walked out of the car into the mall. As we walked to the cinema, Jide kept making jokes and funny comments about people and I laughed like never before. He had a very good sense of humor and that made me like him more. 
 When we got to the cinema, we got popcorn and coke and then we got the ticket to watch a romantic movie, “the faults in our stars.” The movie was sad and about two teenagers that fell in love and they both had cancer; the boy died in the end and I couldn’t help but cry. I cried and tried hiding my face so Jide wouldn’t see me cry but he caught me and he held my chin and smiled at me and wiped the tears of with his fingers. I couldn’t stop crying and I hated myself for doing that.
“Why am I crying, I’m not supposed to do that in front of a guy as cool as he Jide. He will think I’m too dramatic and too soft.” The thoughts made me cry the more, and I didn’t realize when he brought his lips close to mine. Jide kissed me. His lips were so soft and the kiss was my first and like nothing I had ever imagined. I had heard people talk about their first kiss and I thought they were exaggerating when they stated how nice it felt. But that night, I realized the truth; my first kiss with Jide was everything. I kissed him back, and it lasted for sometime before we stopped and he smiled at me. I was so shy. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to run out of the cinema and go home and hide under my blanket. But there I was, in the cinema with him, and so far from home. I couldn’t escape so I had to face him, I smiled and he said ‘I loved the kiss, and I want to do it again.’ And he replied and i said, “me too.” He hugged me and then held my hand as we walked out to get pizza.
To be continued…….