My Bestfriend My Love?~Episode 12


When we got to campus, my mom dropped us off at Rabby’s hostel and told us she was going to be back as she wanted to go see Stanley to talk to him. I knew very well in my heart that she would help make things work out and I thanked God for giving me her. When we got to Rabby’sroom, she told me how cool my mom was and how she wished hers was like that. She said hers was too strict and that she could never tell her she was in a relationship unless she asked her herself. I laughed and told her if she needed an advice on anything, she could call my mom and she would give her all the advice she needed. My mom called sometime after when we were watching a movie and said she was coming to Rabby’s hostel so we should come out and meet her. We met her and what she said was that, Stanley was hurt and what I did reminded him of what his first girlfriend did. She also cheated on him and left him for some other guy and that broke his heart. I remembered how hurt he was and that made me sad. I knew there was no way he would be able to forgive me because he vowed not to trust any girl again after that happened and I got him to open up and date him. So there was no way he was going to be able to look at me and feel the same way he did when we started dating again. 
My mom told me he said he needed space and that he said we should just stay away from each other for some time. That was an indirect way of asking for a breakup and it hurt when my mom said it and I cried.
My mom hugged me and told me she knew how hurt I was and that I should learn a lesson from it. I had lost my childhood best friend and my boyfriend because of one mistake. I kept crying and my mom asked Rabby to get my things for me so she takes me home. I went home with her that night and wept all night. I slept by mom that night and she comforted me. She told me to stay away from guys for the mean time and just make friends, focus on my books and enjoy the rest of my stay in the school with no more guy problems. I stayed at home that weekend, and Larry kept reaching out to me but I ignored his calls and didn’t reply his messages. Even though Stanley and I were over, I still couldn’t entertain him. All he reminded me of was the pain I had caused Stanley and so I decided to just shut him out and stay away from him forever. Rabby kept seeing Prince though and her love life was going so well for her while mine had hit the rock bottom. I envied her and wished I could exchange my life for hers.
I left home for campus the week after. When I got to my hostel, I saw Stanley driving and I was surprised. He didn’t have a car and now because we were over, he couldn’t share the big news with me. If I were indoors, I would have cried; I just stood there and watched him pack and waited to see if he would talk to me when he walked out of the car but he didn’t. He just looked at me, bowed down his head and walked past me. It broke my heart when he did that, and I almost cried so I just rush to my room and wept bitterly. I had to be strong; I had to move on with my life and make new friends. I really had to, so I called Rabby and asked if she could come around so we go to the pool side. She came in less than an hour and we went to the pool side on campus. We swam and had a great time and at some point I got out of the pool to get a drink and when I got to the bar, I met Jide.
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He was sitting there alone and sipping on some juice. I pretended I didn’t see him and ordered a drink but he mentioned my name and I looked back and he asked me to sit next to him. I was in my bikini and wasn’t so comfortable with him but I still sat by him. Then he asked if I was good and said he knew Stanley and I had ended things. It was obvious because I had stopped going to his room and he stopped coming to mine. It was just too obvious and so I nodded and told him I didn’t want to talk about it. So, I asked how he was doing and said, ‘you’ve decided you won’t let me be. Why?’ Then he nodded and said, he wanted to talk about what happened last year and he knew he hurt me. When he started, I just told him not to go there and that I didn’t want to remember what he put me through. I said, ‘you broke my heart but I got over it, so please don’t take me back to that dark place. I’m in a good mood I don’t want you to mess it up for me.’ Then he said okay and I told him I lied about dating Stanley when we were together and that I wanted him to believe whatever he wanted to.
After saying that, I got my drinks and told him I had to go back to the pool as Rabby was still there waiting for me. So I left, and Rabby asked why I kept that long so I told her and she said, ‘Bola, you are not to entertain any more guys’ and I said, “yeah I know. Don’t worry.” After drinking, we went back into the pool and swam till we were tired. We left in the evening and went to KFC to get French fries and chicken nuggets. There, I asked Rabby how Prince was doing and she told me he was good and was so sorry about what happened with Stanley and me. 
She mentioned that Larry was trying to move on and she had met him with a lady once when they went out. As we ate the food, a guy approached our table and tried talking to us, but I ignored him and kept tapping on my phone. I didn’t want to say a word to him. He asked Rabby if we cared if he and his friend joined us and she said we were good and didn’t want company. The way she sounded made him just know she was serious so he left and they sat not so far from us. They kept stealing glances at us though, but we didn’t mind them and when we got up to leave, they also did. “Boys will always be boys,” I said to Rabby. We ignored them and walked out to the parking lot and there the guys came closer to us and asked Rabby where we were going and that they wouldn’t mind taking us back. I shook my head, walked to my car sat in the driver’s seat and called Rabby to hurry so we go. They looked shocked when I did that and stood staring at us, as I drove off.
To be continued……..