For unto us a child is born BUT unto us a son is given. Jesus was born but Christ was given. Jesus is the body and Christ is the spirit. I thank Isaiah for this wonderful revelation.
Before I go on, have you wondered why Matthew records that it was 3 wise men who used their astronomy knowledge to be informed of a new born King WHILE Luke’s narration tells us it was an angel who appeared unto some Shepherds in the field?  So now wise men or shepherds?  Which one do you often see during carols night dramas on the birth of Christ?
So according to scholars, among the three SYNOPTIC GOSPELS ie Mathew, Mark and Luke, Mark’s gospel came first. We call that the Markan Priority. Then both Luke and Matthew copied everything Mark had written. So whatever account you find in Mark, is present in Matthew and Luke. 
Matthew in addition to Mark’s source, got another information from somewhere else that is peculiar to him alone. We call this the ‘M’ source. These are accounts that you won’t find in Mark nor Luke but Matthew only.
Luke also had a similar source known as the ‘L’ source which is peculiar to him alone and can’t be found in Matthew nor Mark. 
Unfortunately for us, Mark didn’t give an account of the birth of Christ. At least his would have settled the disagreement between Matthew and Luke as to whether they were wisemen or shepherds. 
It practically means, Luke’s ‘L’ source tells him an angel appeared unto some shepherds. 
Matthew’s ‘M’ source also tells him wisemen read the stars and got to know about the birth of the Newborn King. 
Sorry if I have confused you the more. You are welcome if you got it!
In any case, It’s another beautiful Christmas Day and I think it’s necessary I salute all ma paddies and shoddies here. Some of us don’t have much friends out there like we do here and so I cherish you all. I love all the girls to the brim and I like all the guys to the max, especially likers and sharers of my posts on social media, the Man utd fans, UG old and current students, Sarbah Hall 2010 occupants,  Alex Kwapong hall old and new residents, CEGENSA,  SOCIOLOGY AND LINGUISTICS old students, Generational Thinkers, EPA Associates, koforidua sh3 skirt (KSTS) old and new students, Queen of Peace R/C school old and current students, pobsonline comrades and readers, SYPALA 2016 participants, NPP and NDC sympathizers and party faithfuls, all Madina and Adenta citizens, Family and friends in Oda and New Abirim, friends and family in Accra and those abroad,  loved ones who evaporated to heaven and above all my future wife. 
I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy approaching New Year. God bless ya all…
 “The Lord bless you and keep you;  the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you;  the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.” ’
Numbers 6:24‭-‬26 NIV
Merry Christmas once again and don’t forget , regardless of who is president , JESUS CHRIST will forever be KING. ?????
I LOVE YOU ALL and I’m opened to meet-ups, catch-ups,  hangouts, visits, invites, dinners, beach, parties, conversations; calls, texts, etc and anything worth celebrating. 
Kwame Ernest Adu ®