Mum’s Marriage Episode 8 – Women’s Venom


That was to the extreme. She really wanted the marriage to end. Ruby became very much prayerful. Instead of hiding in her bedroom as she always does, she resulted in praying and spending more time at the church premises.
Pee missed those happy moments they spent during their honeymoon. They were still young in the marriage and in age wise, so he found the need to be married. It’s rather unfortunate that Pee’s mother’s visit have overshadowed their happiness and focus.  
They spent almost all their time in talking about how to save their marriage and get Pee’s mother out of the house. Pee got back from work and noticed his wife had already left to church. Kwasimaa on the other hand was already far asleep in her room as well, however Philo was at the sitting room entertaining herself with a TV show. Her dressing as usual, very seductive and exposing. Pee noticed her as she laid on the sofa with the remote control in her hand. 
He couldn’t take his eyes off her hipped firm breast that was showing through her transparent dress as she laid on the sofa. Well, since she was actually brought into the house by Pee’s mother, Philo had certain privileges over Kwasimaa. 
For instance, Kwasimaa will never lay on the sofa and take control of the TV remote unless she was alone but unlike Philo, she did almost everything she wanted and anytime Ruby complained about it, Philo will have the backing power of Pee’s mother. 
Pee’s blood rose hot as he set his eyes on that seductive body lying in front of him. He pretended not to have seen her, then he immediately called his wife who was at church. 
“Baby, it’s really getting late, is Church service not over yet?” Pee asked her as soon as she answered the phone call. Ruby assured him that she will be at home soon, but Pee wanted her to understand that he was in need of her and not for anything else. 
“I know it’s all night service but I’m hungry.” Pee uttered. 
Suddenly Philo stood up from the sofa and began to straighten up her dress as if she was unconscious of the fact that parts of her body were exposing. She intentionally dropped the remote control on the floor then she slowly bent down to pick it up. It was just impossible for anyone to overlook her deliberate seductive move. It even caught the attention of Pee while he was still on the phone with his wife. 
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What he saw became verbal words coming out of his mouth to his wife. “No, no, it’s not food that I want. I’m hungry for you. As I’m talking to you now, the stuff of Moses is so rigid and Pharaoh is really close. “Pee said to his wife on the phone. He actually meant that he was on the verge of losing his grip looking at what Philo was doing. 
Seems the first seduction was not enough for Philo to get what she wanted. She intensified it and seduced Pee more directly. 
“If you don’t get here quickly, trust me, Moses will cross the red sea.” Pee cautioned her and hanged up on her.  What Philo was doing was just uncomfortable for Pee to handle. He wanted to stop her at that very moment but her venom was quite strong for Pee to stand it. 
“Philo, what is the meaning of this, your dress is very inappropriate and besides you should be sleeping by now” Pee said. 
Philo came closer to him, close enough that her breast was touching Pee’s chest. 
“Appropriate. Hmm…. Are you sure, you don’t like what I’m wearing? Philo said and started unbuttoning Pee’s shirt. Pee got choked with what Philo was doing. As much as he wanted to stop her, Philo was just irresistible for him. Quickly, Pee pushed her away and began coughing. Only God knows where the cough came from. 
“I need some water. Please get me some.” Pee instructed her, thinking that he was going to get away once she leaves to get him the water he asked but Philo was persistent. She went closer to him again, took his hand and held it against her breast.
“Feel it” Philo said, pressing Pee’s hand against her firm breast. Pee had just lost it now. “I have all the water you need right here” Philo continued. 
She then went on him and the next thing was, their lips were deeply busy. Philo slowly dragged Pee to the sofa and right there on the sofa, they romanced each other. 
The door opened quietly and even though she was humming, they were too busy feeling each other’s body. Ruby dropped her bag upon seeing them. She was just filled with surprise and shock. 
“Pee, what are you doing, I can’t believe this” Ruby shouted out. 
To be continued. 
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