Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 18


​Dera: thank you lucas she whispered.
Me: just nods its fine i said.
Dera: you know lucas, I have always wondered what brought you to my room that day.
Me: uhmm i wasnt seeing you around so i decided to check on you.
Dera: i knew it, you missed me she said grinning.
Me: dera!! I yelled felling abit embarrassed.
Dera: hahah sorry, either way you were the least person I expected to show up but am glad you did, i owe you one she said with a weak smile.
Me: you owe me nothing, am not asking to be repayed ok.
Dera: i know she said, i think i like here, she said with a smile
We talked for a while and then she was silent for while, i bent forward to see why, only to find her eyes closed, she was fast asleep, i adjusted a bit as we remained in that position for a while, i know it sounds awkward but she looked so beautiful asleep. It was getting dark and she didnt look like she’s gonna wake anytime soon, i tried waking her with a soft tap but she just wont wake, she was deeply asleep.
Me: exhaling as i carefully put both laptops in my bag trying not to wake her, hanging it on my shoulder as i carefully carried her, looking to see if she was awake but she still slept peacefully. I gently carried her out of the peach to the girls dorm.
His shoulders were so warm, i was having a nice rest, when i felt a soft tap on my left arm, i guess that was suppose to wake me up but then i wasnt willing to wake, i really wanted to sleep right here on him for a very long while and then i felt him lifting me in his arm with all care, i felt like a princess, he strolled graciously to only God knows where. I felt his racing heart beat as his chest inflates and dialates slowly on intervals, the feeling was magical. And just then when i found the world revolving around me, my fantasy was about to end when i felt him dropping me carefully on my bed.
finally i was in her room, i dropped her on her bed, covering her with blanket. Turned of the bed lamp and was about to leave when i felt a hand holding me back.
Me: turning to see her awake, giving her the what?? Kind of look
Dera: plsss stay she said with a pleading look as her eyes sparkled like she was gonna cry.
She got to her house, showered and had dinner as she tried convincing herself over and over, this is not time for emotions, her kid is still out there somewhere, it became definitely clear to her that someone has been messing with her head all this while.
She was done with her dinner, she really couldnt take her mind of the fact that she had a daughter somewhere, she wondered what she looked like and how on earth she was gonna find her.
She thought of asking her dad but from the look of things he seemed not to know she had a baby and then she decided to keep it to herself. Then she took her time to go through the papers again carefully leaving no details out and somehow her attention drifted to the house address which she wrote down herself. “216 calvin allen street”
Mirabel: hmmm why would she write such an address, she definitely do not remember leaving in such a place, am gonna check it out tomorrow she thought perhaps am gonna find something useful.
To be continued on Monday
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