Missing Diamond Episode 1


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A Story By Mr Pobs 

A royal family, torn apart by pride and its lust for power. Bitter family feuds and rivalry caused the kingdom to be ripped into two. 

King Kwame Boateng had ruled both islands more than thirty years ago, yet the grumbles from his people had concerned him. It was for that reason he decided to leave an island to each of his children and made the painful decision to split the precious Stefani diamond into two, to form two stones for the coronation crowns of Aristo and Calista.

  His son and daughter would both become crowned rulers, with half the Stefani diamond in their new crowns. Calista would be ruled by his daughter, Vida Boateng. Aristo would be ruled by his son, Boadi Boateng. Per tradition and custom of the two kingdoms, whoever reunites the two diamonds will unite and rule the two kingdoms as one kingdom; called Marisa.

  The kingdom of Aristo was a great entity with a unique culture and civilization. Ascension to the throne, the source of divine power and authority, was patrilineal. Children succeeded their fathers when they died.

  One unique feature of this kingdom was that, their members were not allowed to marry outside the kingdom especially to the Calistans. It was a high order taboo to do so. High birth was something that was encouraged by the people. Couples were rewarded by the king when they had ten or more children. The reward was meant to increase couples’ motivation to have more children. History had it that the kingdom suffered a series of massive depopulation as a result of periodic attacks.

  The herald was sent to summon all the members of the council to a secret meeting in the evening. When the council met as scheduled, the king implored them to be witness to a plan he had in mind concerning his succession. Since he wanted everything to remain a secret until his death, he first swore them to secrecy. His daughter; Beatrice would obviously despise him if she ever found out that the ‘informal’ verbal will was not in her favour.

  “Elders of Aristo Kingdom, an old adage says that death is inevitable. At my age, it is an undeniable fact that my days on earth are numbered. It therefore behooves me to choose a successor because it always saddens me that my daughter; Beatrice has been a disappointment; everyone here attest to the fact.” Said the king.

  One elder replied; it is absolutely in order. Since we still have today, it is never too late.” The king continued, “I have therefore, decided that my adopted daughter; Valentina should succeed me when I am gone. May you all be witness to the choice I have made today?” Said the king.

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  The elders agreed to the king’s decision and promise to keep it a secret. The news of the following morning was both astonishing and unbelievable. The king was found dead in his bed. The sacred drum was beaten to announce the sudden demise of the adorable king. In line with tradition, the chief Priest was officially informed.

  “Hmmm!” the Priest sighed. After a brief communion with the spirits, he had this to say; “The late king did not die a natural death. He was assassinated.

  “Sacrilegious” the elders exclaimed in chorus. “A man’s enemies are his own household,” the Priest remarked, “but only time will tell. Nothing, absolutely nothing can be hidden under the sun.” All of them were puzzled. “What do we do, Nana?” Inquired the elders.

  “Nothing.” Replied the Priest, “the gods and ancestors can fight their own battle.” An emergency council meeting was held the following morning to deliberate on what the Chief Priest said.

  While the meeting was on-ongoing, the Chief Priest appeared there. It was an unexpected visit he was not noted for. “Elders of this kingdom,” he addressed them. “I am here on a mission. If change was not important, human beings would not grow.  A baby grows up and changes physically and psychologically to become a better person. The gods are not happy about the status quo.” “Finally,” he added, the cups of the wolves among the sheep are full. They will soon be exposed.”

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