Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 17


​Holding her mouth trying not to sob harder she stopped reading squeezed the paper into her purse, wiped her tears, got her sunshade on and was out of the office, her security quickly followed her, she entered the back of her limo and the driver drove off without waiting for further instructions.
Drove down to the cementary, walked to where her dad has been buried with white roses.
Dera: smiling as she stood in front of his grave. Hello dad sorry you had to be buried without a funeral, its all for a reason. I know it all dad, just soon your gonna have to smile wherever you are. The hands which caused your death, the mouth which gave the instruction and the ears who heard it will all pay dearly she said with a grin. You gonna have to see what this little baby of yours is and can do, she said with a pain grin as she dropped the flower, turning to leave imediately. Am sorry mr vahn alvariz(her dad’s name) because dera variz is no more! She said as she walked away.
He waited for a while for isabel in the eatery, just then she showed up.
Isabel: i guess someone has been waiting for a while.
Ricky: just a little while, how did your date go??
Isabel: you really are a genius she said smiling.
Ricky: grining and then?? he asked looking at her with the corner of his eyes.
Isabel: oooh i get you, trust me, you gonna have a good treat, she said as she snapped her fingers and two dark hot lady clad in short shiny black gown showing off there shapes walked to the table.
Ricky: ooooh my!! He exclaimed.
Isabel: i keep my word she said grining as she walked away.
Ricky: so ladies who wants a drink?? He said with a smirk.
Girls: we do they said smiling.
I was chilling out in the handball peach this evening like i use to when i saw someone who looked just like dera with a bag, she walked to an isolated seat, obviously she wasnt expecting anyone to be around here.
Me: hmmm she dont look disturbed, i thought of going over to say hi but then i decided against it, somehow i think i just couldnt concentrate on what i was doing without looking her direction, it was really getting to me and then finally i decided to go over and say hi. I walked down the stairs to were she seated.
Me: hello dera
Dera: turning a bit shocked, luke??
Me: why are you here all alone??
Dera: just chilling out and you she said with a beautiful smile.
Me: lets say have been following you.
Dera: hahaha really???
Me: yup
Dera: like you know what have been up to?? She asked again
Me: nodding with smiles.
Dera: omg!! Thats means you saw me taking my shower.
Me: huuuh!! no… not all…i was only kidding.
Dera: hahahaha got ya!! So what are you doing here.
Me: exhaling, well i came to chill out too.
Dera: smiling well that makes the both of us. she said smiling as she looked at him in the eye. He seemed to be shy and she kinda enjoyed teasing him.
Me: uhmmm i think so i said smiling weirdly. So how was your day.
Dera: tiring, boring, and wait a minute back in my room, you said i could cry over your shoulders right.
Me: smiles# i know where your going girl, you aint crying so its a no.
Dera: i wasnt gonna ask silly come here!! She said resting on my shoulder.
Me: shocked# i smiled a bit well i have to admit she seem so different and here i was enjoying the company of someone i barely know, not even her last name. To me shes a mystery girl i thought as i smiled
To be continued