if you love your lady more than she loves you, then you are dead up 
Its the beginning of all problems
People will try to sooth their insecurities by saying, “us we love each other equally”. 
you and i know that there is nothing like that. 
One partner will always care less than the other and in each relationship, each party knows his/her control/ authority, even the one who is cared for less knows very clearly that they are the minority shareholders Its not a bad thing to be a minority shareholder. 
Its because of minority shareholders that most relationships last because of their ability to compromise in favor of the majority shareholder, that’s why its very important for a man to date a lady who likes him more than he likes her.
If you ever find yourself in a situation where you as a man loves the lady more than she likes you, my friend, you will be sponsoring yourself to the Agadhino hall of fame. date her, like her, achieve coitus with her.vbut do not, i repeat, do not fall in love with her. 
otherwise you will be the ones that cry when she threatens to leave you, the ones that sent a text 2 days ago, hasn’t been replied to and here you are..still texting her. 
In a man’s world, you don’t have the luxury to “fall in love”, you select. 
let the woman be the one to fall in love.
And dear women, if the dude “loves” you less than you love him, that is a man who wants a future with you, who see’s that both ya’ll can dont give him that “you dont even care”, he cares, thats why he doesnt show more affection than yours