Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 98


​She sat still on the couch pondering over everything for a while and then she decided to call schwartz.
Schwartz: hello
Dera: can we meet??
Schwartz: is everything alright??.
Dera: yup but there’s something i think you might need to see too she said.
Schwartz: ok i’ll be at your house in 30mins he said and hunged up.
She walked to the kitchen quickly fixed pancake and honey for lunch. In exactly 30minutes she heard the door bell ring, she walked to the door looking through the small opening to make sure it schwartz and then she threw the door open as he walked in, she led him to the living room where her laptop was kept on the table.
Schwartz: great you’ve cracked it open already he said smiling a bit looking into the screen.
Dera: there is really nothing inside, the only useful thing it contains here are the names of the founding families.
Schwartz: smiling its not just a secret box girl.
Dera: then what is it??
Schwartz: where is the box??
Dera: she tossed the box to him, as he tore open, the black material which made the inner part of the box pretty got out, a device like the size of a chip with silver panel fell, he got out a reader from his pocket, inserting the device into it as she watch in amazement. Uhmmm could you tell me what that is??
Schwartz: our victory he said with a grin.
Dera: hows that she asked with alot of curiosity in her eyes.
Schwartz: this is an extremely rare device, used by the founding families to keep any agent in check and that explains why they have a whole lots of loyal agents all over the place.
Dera: so we are just keeping track of there subjects?
Schwartz: sending a message with this to any agent, its gonna have the black spider code on it and whatever be the content of the message must be carried out by that agent.
Dera: you mean anything at all she said smiling.
Schwartz: anything baby he said smiling, thats not all we are still getting to the most interesting part.
Dera: which is???
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Schwartz: we could use this to turn the founding families against each other.
Dera: whooa hows that possible?
Schwartz: each of the top official has this chip, the chip was made because of their differences, perhaps someday they’re gonna find it difficult to trust each other but with this you can keep in check with just any of its officials, thats what they all have in common and you know what that means.
Dera: she almost thought for a while the box was useless she was begining to feel like her effort was all worth it and feeling even great having schwartz on her side. Now lets see what this baby can actually do she said.
Schwartz: he inserted the reader to her system, punched a few button and a video popped up in 5different view.
Dera: wooow make this one full she said point at a video which had mr cornel in it.
Schwartz: he’s trying to contact alex get the ear plugs he said quickly.
Dera: she quickly got the ear plugs, i blew up his car with him in, she said smiling.
Schwartz: just then he traced alex’s cell phone and found nothing, he seemed to have varnished. Wooow i really cant believe you took out alex, he’s twice as strong as you.
Dera: i’d take that as a compliment, she said with a smile.
Schwartz: the president is making a call, he quickly made the small sized video with him in it large. As they got the ear plugs on.
Luiz: in 2weeks time we’d be having a new delivery of topnotch gadgets from russia get everyone ready.
We werent fast enough to pick up the face of whoever he was talking to but we got a message.
Dera: everyone is gonna recieve the delivery??
Schwartz: uhmmm kinda but every year they make sure our weapons and gadget are replaced with the best.
Dera: how those that involves everyone??
Schwartz: those gadgets are of higher tech, its kind of a medium for everyone to learn how to make use of the latest guns and gadgets, he tried breaking it down.
Dera: so every single agent is gonna be there right?
Schwartz: every one of them he said smiling like he knew exactly what she had in mind.
To be continue