Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 97


​Ricky: i really dont believe in any of this psychic mumbo jumbo you guys are talking about like damian do.
Me: hahaha me too but have got no choice man, just like you i said as everyone laughed, we drove out of school parked our cars in a safe place as we strolled into the market region of the lower town, it was quite populated, which kinda made me felt uncomfortable.
Ricky: sophia are you sure you know where you are going he asked with unsure looks when afew people stopped to look at us, while others just murmured spoilt rich brats.
Me: have never been here before sophy.
Mira: hahahaha have been here a few times, here in the lower town there’s a lot of thugs and pick pockets you might wanna hide behind me she said with a smile.
Me: huuuh seriously then we shouldnt be here sophia i said a bit scared.
Ricky: wooow look at those he screamed as he walked to the spot where they made local candies. This smells really delicious he said quickly picking one, tasting it imediately.
Me: ricky are you eating that!!!
Mira: hahah yeah its delicious come on lets have some too she said as sophia followed her smiling.
Me: am so not eating that i said folding my hands standing aside as i watched them eat it happily, after consuming to the full ricky got out his credit card and cleared the bill.
Sophia: grabbing my arm hahah you’d wish you tasted that lucas she said smiling, we walked round the market looking at different beautiful things which caught our fancy and of course they’d stop by to take a good look at it.
For a while we strolled round the town and they seemed to be getting quite familiar and comfortable with the place, while me on the other hand trailed behind hopping we’d leave here pretty soon but the looks i see on their faces, i doubt we’re gonna leave here pretty soon, having a few mean faces staring at us was really making me uncomfortable.
Sophia: finally here we are she said smiling.
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Mira: you really know your way around this places she said with a smile.
Sophia: yeah! dad would never stop me from going wherever i want to she said smiling.
Mira: have been here afew times with my nany she said smiling and it was awesome.
Ricky: since you like it here baby we can get married right here he said smilling as mira hit his arm playful.
Sophia: luke you dont like it here? She asked smiling, because i was pretty quiet.
Me: kinda can we leave now??
Mira: hahhaa dont worry your gonna see momma soon.
Me: mira!! I yelled playfully
Ricky: lets go in already he said smiling as we all walked into the store to see black cute lady in her early 30’s, seating close to a table which had a circular glass object that glowed like the moon.
After clicking on the folder as it load open. She took a close look at it.

Black spider was formed by a couple of rich families to subdue their enemies when deals get dirty, founded by 5major families listed according to their other of hierachy
the name which kept on echoing in her head was micheal mcffaden, perhaps its some one else she thought. She scrolled through all its folder, still searching for something concrete to get mr cornel with when she found something shocking.
Mr cornel murdered his wife, when she began digging so deep into the black spiders secret, and then when his mom found out he had to kill her too. It was all written like a confession and then she thought about making the media publish it. But even when its published, shes gonna have to reveal herself to bring mr cornel to book which is extremely dangerous and if she doesnt its gonna swept away like nothing happened. And now she perfectly understands what schwartz meant by you really dont know what you are up against.
To be continued