Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 99


​Well i have to admit the place looked quite weird and dark, the lady looked harmless and witchy too.
Lady: welcome she said with a nice smile.
Sophia: we want to see the fortune teller.
Lady: its one at a time the rest of your friends are gonna wait outside, she said staring at me.
We got out immediately leaving sophia inside.
Lady: now that we are alone what would you like to know?
Sophia: i wanna know my grades after my exam she said with a smile.
Lady: smiling well it doesnt work that way i only say what i see. Let me have your palm.
Sophia: she stretched her palm into hers.
Lady: she closed her eyes slowly holding sophia’s palm firmly and after a while her eyes were open with a huge smile on her face.
Sophia: waiting to hear what she has to say.
Lady: i see a colorful future, you graduated the best after a lot of hard work and then you found love she said smiling.
Sophia: wooow she said smiling as she jumped out happily as ricky walked in.
Me: you look pretty happy i said smiling.
Ricky walked in to see the lady already seated in her seat.
Lady: plsss sit she said politely.
Ricky: he sat down like he was remoted staring at the weird lady.
Lady: you wanna know about the future.
Ricky: nodding in agreement.
Lady: show me your palm she said as ricky stretched out his palm. She covered it in hers shutting her eyes really tight and after a few minutes it was open.
Ricky: still kept his gaze fixed on her like lets hear the lies you have to tell me.
Lady: you have a good heart never lose it she said with smile, i see a beautiful future, you were really successful and most of all you found love.
Ricky: is that all??
Lady: on your wedding day she’s gonna ruin your cake accidentally, watch out for her, she said smiling.
Ricky: who??? He asked abit surprised.
Lady: sorry i only see faces and not their names she said smiling.
Ricky: alright, atleast am gonna get married not bad he thought smiling as he walked out.
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Sophia: there you are.
Me: perhaps she told you something really nice too, wait a minute did you woo her i said smiling.
Mira: its my turn she said interupting us as she walked in.
Lady: plsss sit she said immediately mira walked in. You wanna know about your future.
Mira: smiling yup
Lady: show me your palm she said as mira stretched her palm she covered it with hers as she shut her eyes tightly. After a while they were open. You were hurt so bad when you couldnt have the jewel you wanted, you’ve been offered a gold with impurities. All you have to do is polish it and make any jewel you want out of it.
Mira: i think i understand what you meant in the first part of your statement, but the 2nd i have no idea of what your saying.
Lady: am talking about your soul mate, look again and you’ll discover the treasure you’ve been longing to find.
Mira: she walked out of the room pondering over her words to her, with confusion all over her face.
Sophia: someone doesnt look too happy, did she see any bad sign??
Mira: ooh not at all she said smiling weirdly.
Me: uhmm i think its time to leave i said smiling.
You are going in they all chorused!!
Me: fine!! I said looking at them weirdly as i walked in to see her seating comfortably in her seat.
Lady: welcome she said smiling
Me: actually i dont really believe in all this so am gonna stand here for a while and then leave, hope i wont be interupting anything.
Lady: have seen you before she said with a straight face.
Me: chuckling come on if its about my money dont worry am still gonna pay for the service.
Lady: no i have this gift ever since i was a child and whenever a see someone’s face in my dream something serious is about to happen i mean serious, she said stressing her word.
Me: uhmmm the looks in her eyes scared me a bit though, i think i’ll just take my leave now i said and was about leaving.
Lady: lucas wait
Me: hearing my name from this complete stranger made me froze in my tracks.
To be continue on Monday
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