Can I Stand This Love Episode 1


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A story by Jezuzboi
Hi. Pobstarians,
I want to tell you a story; the story of two promising youths from what I would term “worlds apart”. They both appear to be people of strong faith with religious backgrounds that do not synchronize.
He’s Pentecostal, and she’s a Witness. It all began some years back when the astonishingly beautiful elegant nicely shaped figure of a girl walked into a skill acquisition organization to add accolades to her resume, only to discover a chocolate skinned alluring eyed extremely calm and focused guy as one of the organization’s top employees; woe betide me if I forget to add that he was handsome!
His attention fell on her on first sight, and so did her crush on him. At that instance, he pondered a little on the figure his eyes beheld, for it matched the image in his fantasy; just that he wasn’t ready to get involved for fear of the outcome, being that he had grown to become a commendable practitioner of his faith.
That didn’t seem the case with the girl. She on the other hand seemed ready for whatever! At this point, one would ask; “I thought you said they both appeared to be people of strong faith? How come she seemed ready for whatever and he wasn’t? Wasn’t she also a commendable practitioner of her faith?” You bet she was! But that’s as much as I can say about that. All I know is that she seemed ready for whatever!
But you know, this is Africa. It’s somewhat odd for a lady to make the first move. If not, she would have done so. The only thing she could do was send overly apparent signals, hoping he would get them and respond accordingly.
Guess what he did; he got them all, but played dump because he hadn’t yet found the courage to overcome his fears and conscience. That left the poor girl emotionally frustrated for a longer time than necessary, to a point where she even considered his unresponsiveness a heartbreak.
It horridly came to the end of her time of study in that organization, and she had to leave. I suspect that if she had her way, she would have applied to be staffed there in order to have her desires met. But like they say; you don’t always get what you want. She inevitably had to give up and move on with her life, and she did. Or, did she? Stick around and find out.
Two long years of no communication whatsoever passed, and one would suppose that past “news unworthy events” had found permanent rest in history’s grave. But quite amazingly, the low burning flames of lust, passion, and desire sprung up like wild fire when the boy pulled a stunt which drew national attention to himself; including the girl’s. From two ethnic groups away, communication between them kick started; all thanks to telecommunication and technology.
Being sure that physical contact couldn’t come into play by reason of the distance between them, the boy got curious and decided to trade the parts he had in past times dreaded. At this point, it is important to note that the distance between them was his motivation to do so, for he thought to himself; we can only go as far as communicate. No physical contacts whatsoever! I guess he still hadn’t totally overcome his fears and conscience yet, but he was soon going to. READ ON!
“I so much loved you back in the days and wished we had our time” she said passionately over the phone.“But you wouldn’t even cast a first stare, let alone a second. I suffocated daily in your presence, and you didn’t even notice, even when I threw it all at your face. How blind you were”
“You’ll be greatly mistaken to think for a second that I didn’t notice your deliberate lifelessness just to win my shoulder to lean on; not to mention your endless smiles at mere sight of me. And also, your babyish elongated answers to my simple professional questions, and best of all, your somewhat revealing outlooks on few occasions.
“Jeez! She exclaimed. You noticed all that? How come I never for once caught you staring?”
“That’s because I was too careful to be caught. I sought for different occasions to check you out satisfactorily, but it seemed like your longing eyes were always waiting to catch my lustful glance, and that’s something I never wanted to happen, so I maintained caution”
“But why?” she asked exhaustively.
“You wouldn’t understand if I told you?”
“Why then are you telling me this at all? And why now? It would have meant the world to me back then”
“I think you deserve to know that the feeling was mutual, but was prevented by a force too great to wrestle”
“A force too great to wrestle? So you would have to wrestle a force to express your feelings?”
“Yeah. Sounds weird doesn’t it? But I guess I’ve found the courage to talk about it now”
“Don’t you think it’s rather late? We’re like worlds apart now, and seriously engaged with the pursuit of our careers. I don’t see us making any headway with this. If you ask me, I’d say there is little or nothing we can do about it now”
“Exactly” he said sarcastically.
“Then why bother at all, knowing there’s nothing we can do?
“I didn’t say “do”, I said “talk”. “There might be little or nothing to do, but there’s definitely something to talk about”
“What?” she exclaimed in amazement and confusion. “Just talk?”
Hmmm. I guess all he now wanted to do was talk. But about what exactly? And why? For what purpose? Of cause you won’t know. You’ll never know unless I tell you.
In this story, I determine how much you know about these snooping explorers. I’m sure by now you’re wondering who I am. I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself earlier on. I should have done that before getting started with my tale. I’ll do that now. I’m an intangible being with the ability to explore the alarming contents of a man’s heart, and thereafter, tell about it without the man’s knowledge. That’s exactly what I’m doing now.
Having explored and gathered facts about the inner cravings, thoughts and desires of these two mortals, I am proceeding to tell about it. I hope you find it interesting and medal worthy. I’ll take a break now and continue my tale later. I do hope you’ll stick around. Meanwhile, thanks for reading thus far.
to be continue at 1700GMT


  1. I like the flow and the atmosphere of the story ….keep going whoever you are …you are yet to introduce yourself

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