Can I Stand This Love Episode 2


She was thrown into a state of total confusion, as she couldn’t decipher what his motives were. Who wouldn’t? A guy who ignored such glaring signals from a girl who was willing to go to any length imaginable with him suddenly wakes up and wants to talk without seeming to want to meet with her? Talk about what exactly? 
Well, that’s what we’re about to find out. Guess what he wanted to talk about; nothing exactly! He just got curious and wanted to know if what she felt was something real or mere infatuation, and also find out if the feeling was still there. So he had her recite her feelings over and over again; a thing she did with much pleasure. 
Still, some of her words made her claims debatable, adding to the fact that the guy in question is hardly convinced, so he held back and wouldn’t reciprocate duly. But after a great period of inconstant communication between them both, he quietly opted to give in all the way. Even at that, there was this one thing that still stood strongly in the way. Before we proceed to that, there are facts I’d love you to know about this young man.
He had built himself a glowing reputation over the years and wouldn’t trade it for almost anything. He’s trying his best to grow into becoming a responsible man, an imitable icon, a dependable spiritual head, a good father, and a creative lover. 
Though it seemed almost impossible, he never ceased trying his best to avoid records capable of hunting down future glory. Records like; toying with a girl’s heart and zooming off to settle with another, being considered a selfish pleasure seeker, using and dumping young girls, and the likes. You can guess the likes, can’t you? So let’s proceed.
Due to the above stated and many other shadowed motives, he quietly opted to reciprocate the girl’s feelings which still appeared to be blazing hot! But he sat back to consider the odds he inevitable stood against and try to merge them suitably to everyone’s favor. 
Having considered and proffered suitable solutions to all the odds that stood against his getting fully involved with the girl, there still was this one odd that appeared to be unmanageable; “THEIR RELIGIOUS BACKGROUNDS”
If you still remember, I had mentioned in the beginning of the story that the guy belonged to the Pentecostal family, while the girl belonged to the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The Pentecostal doctrine condemns romantic involvements between two partners who have no agreement to settle together in marriage at a later time, and the Witness’s doctrine condemns any relationship whatsoever with a partner who is not a fellow Witness. 
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This is what had been the guy’s primary reason for holding back on the girl, even though everything about him craved her; for she was a beauty from inside out! But what about the girl? What was her take on the matter? I guess she was too consumed by passion to even consider any odds; at least not that I know of.
 She would happily commit and unite herself to him, and embrace his offers and requirements; well, so it appeared. But the guy, destabilized by their religious differences, relented in feeding her back with the expected response; for he would certainly have let her go along the line, and that is considered wickedness according to his doctrine. Secondly, he would hurt her true and sincere feelings and set a bad record for himself; something he had worked hard to prevent over the years.
He didn’t bring up the matter for discussion with her, as he didn’t want to appear as a marriage freak before a girl who never for once pulled a stunt that headed towards that direction. Why would he want to turn what can be supposed a “spur of the moment” into a lifelong commitment anyway? 
So he settled in his heart to keep on relenting and let nature dismiss the thing between them little by little, as out of sight is out of mind. Did I mention that they had grown to become like “OGECHI & JESUSBOY?” Oh yes they had! Not exactly though. Only over the phone; and of course; social media. 
Wait a minute; it just struck me that you might not know about OGECHI & JESUSBOY  Gosh!!! Seriously??? Are you a Nigerian? You’re a Nigerian and you don’t know about the 21st century ROMEO & JULIET? Please don’t mention it in public! And dive out of such ignorance by clicking on the following link to read and know about those two. But that will be when you’re done reading my tale. Here’s the link to the tale of  JESUSBOY & OGECHI. 
So they eventually drew close to seeing each other again, and possibly escalate their romance to the climax. But the guy wouldn’t let it happen due to facts you already know. But then, nature’s breeze only succeeded in fanning emotions to flame until the guy finally overcame his fears and conscience. He was going in now! He was going in big time! 
So he arranged for a meeting and had her prepare to embark on a trip to his place from two ethnic groups away. Try not to imagine what played out on her arrival lest your imagination gets wild! Just wait until you read it from me. Once again, thanks for reading. I’ll be back soon with the conclusion of the matter! Cheers!
To be continue tomorrow morning


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