Can I Stand This Love Episode 3


Hi there, and welcome back! I’m glad you made it! Now let’s get on with the rest of the story. Like I said just at the end of the last chapter, the guy decided to give things a shot without considering anymore what the outcome would be. I guess he was now finally down for whatever! 
A day was fixed for their seeming reunion, and the girl made her way to the airport glowing like a goddess to fly down and be with him! She was happy it came to that, and the excitement was desperately obvious! 
Back at home, the guy was busy setting a supposed right atmosphere to welcome her. He wanted to make that day a very memorable one, so he had his bed covered with sheets of decorated linen and perfumed it with aloes, preparing to have his fill of love with her until dusk gave way to dawn. Soon enough, he was done with that, and right then, a call came into his phone. Guess who called in; the girl!
“Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” she screamed excitedly over the phone.
“Hello there” he replied with a cool teasing voice. “Somebody seems very excited” he added.
“You bet! I can’t wait to be there! Guess what happened last night?” she whispered.
“What?” he asked.
“I had a dream about some things that are most likely to play out when I get there” she replied giggling babyishly.
“Oh really? Do you mind sharing?”
“I would love to. But I’m at the airport right now, and there are lots of people here. I wouldn’t want them hearing the details”
“Hmmmm. Sounds like classified information”
“Really classified” she affirmed still giggling babyishly.
“Alright then, I’ll be all ears whenever the environment is conducive enough to speak of it”
“It won’t be long. Just an hour from now, I’ll be there” she said. Just at that very moment, an announcement to go on board reached her, and she wrapped up conversation with him. “I have to go now. My flight is boarding”
“Alright then. See you in an hours’ time. Goodbye”
“Goodbye” she replied smiling as she hung up and made to go on board.
At about an hour later, she arrived looking very refreshed and full of anticipation. 
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“Taxi!” she yelled, calling on an airport shuttle cab to come give her a lift. 
“I want to head down south to the I-Reality estate. Can you take me there?” 
“Of course” the cab driver replied. “It will only cost you some few naira notes.”
 “How much are we talking about here?” she enquired. 
“Just a thousand, five hundred” the driver replied. 
“I’ll double that!” she said with smiles on her face.
 “That’s so generous of you ma’am” the driver replied and then asked her to hop in, which she did, and he zoomed off!
While in the cab reminiscing and imagining things, her phone beeped and interrupted her little mind travel, and she got pissed off with the phone for interfering with her soon to actualize fantasy. If the phone were to be a child, she would have smitten it a little. Nonetheless, she went ahead to see what notification had come in; probably a message from her eager and longing prince charming enquiring to know where she was at the moment, as he was dying to have her in his arms. So she picked up her phone, inserted her password, and then BOOM! It wasn’t from him. It was a message from one of her besties. 
A little short story that was trending on social media as at the time. It appeared she had been getting such messages from her bestie over time, so she just smiled on seeing this one and said;
 “Lora will never stop bombarding my phone with these “IMAGINARY REALITY” stories. I wouldn’t blame her for getting so addicted to these genius writings though. Who wouldn’t? And now she trying to get me addicted to it as well.” She then laughed for a little bit and again said; “Well, I think it came in a good time. I’ll make do with it while enjoying my ride to lover boy. I hope it’s going to be a good read as usual.” 
She then clicked open the message Lora sent, and the first thing that caught her attention was the title of the story. Guess what the title was;
 “CAN I STAND THIS LOVE?” She smiled on seeing the title, and was certain it will be a good read, coming in a good time to prepare her spirit and soul for the moments ahead of her. So she leaned back on the car seat and commenced reading.
It looks like we can go one last episode
To be continue soon


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