Can I Stand This Love Episode 4


Midway into the story, she found the content somewhat relative, and that triggered her interest to have a full read of it before anything else. On reading further, she found that she related 100% to the story; more like her true life story, and she was extremely flabbergasted! The only details that appeared strange to her were some points that pointed to the fact that the boy in the story was deliberately holding back on the girl in the story; his primary reason being the information documented about the differences in the doctrines of their religious backgrounds. Nevertheless, she wondered how someone’s mere imagination could turn out to be her near reality. Maybe that’s why the writings are called “IMAGINARY REALITY” she thought to herself. But then, the writer seemed more like a spy who had been snooping on her and documenting every detail of her involvement with this guy for the past four years. The details were just so precise and on point. It couldn’t be a mere imagination. However, she read on till she got to the end of the second episode, where the writer urged readers to anticipate the last two episodes, which he referred to as “the conclusion of the matter” So she got curious and put a call across to Lora to enquire about the source of the story.
“I wouldn’t know. There’s this guy that keeps broadcasting these messages on social media.” Lora replied.
“Yeah, I know him. The “IMAGINARY REALITY” guy; right? What’s that his name again oooo? Erm, Jesusboy?
“Exactly! Jesusboy! He posted this on his facebook page, and also broadcasted it on whatsapp. So I rebroadcasted it because I found it interesting.” Lora explained. “What’s up? You don’t like the story?”
“Not that I don’t like it” replied the girl. 
“There’s just something strange about the story. I think he’s writing about me.”
“Hahahahaha. Come on girl! How can he be writing about you? The dude doesn’t even know you.”
“That’s the point! He doesn’t know me, but he was able to predict my past in the first two episodes of that story, and has promised to predict my future in the last two episodes. I’m telling you Lora, everything in that story are the exact details of the things that have happened between me and my boy.”
“This is strange if you ask me. But it could be a mere coincidence. Have you thought of that?”
“It’s too good to be a coincidence.” The girl agued.
“So what are you going to do?” Lora asked.
“I don’t know.”
“Girl, just discard the details of that story and go on with your life. It’s nothing to worry about.” Lora advised.
“I wish it were that easy.” The girl said. An idea then popped up in her head, and she asked Lora; “Wait a minute, you said he also broadcasted the story via whatsapp?”
“Yeah” Lora answered.
“Which means you have his contact number” she further enquired.
“Of course” Lora affirmed.
“Do me a favor, send his number across to me. I need to speak with him.”
“You really want to do that because of an ordinary story he posted?”
“It’s not like the usual. This one strikes me in a different way, and I need to clear my doubt. Just send his number across please.”
“Okay” Lora replied. Then proceeded to call out his number to her. “08068711474. That’s his number. Got it?”
“Yes I have. Thanks a bunch”
“Alright girl. Good luck” Lora replied and hung up.
Immediately, the girl called the number but got a voicemail feedback. She was disappointed because she really wanted to find out all she could about the story before anything else. She called Lora again and asked to be linked to the original source of the story, and Lora sent her a link to the writer’s facebok page, which she visited and found the story posted there with a lot of controversial comments. Readers from both religious backgrounds took the content of the story very personal and lashed out on the writer for playing down on the Pentecostal and Witness religions just to make a good story. 
The writer then replied their comments, explaining that it wasn’t a mere story, but rather, a true life story of a certain young man he knows. He mentioned that the young man reached him with the story so that he would write about it and post it on social media and get people to read and proffer a suitable way of handling such relationship, as he was short of ideas. But even after he told them all about it, the controversy continued. So in order to avoid further controversies, he included additional information below the title of the story to make readers know that he was just the writer of the story, and not the story teller. So the heading of the story changed to;
“Story by Ofon”
“Written by Jesusboy”
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As soon as the girl saw that, her heart skipped! She was surprised! Though she saw the story to be a documentation of her supposed affair with the guy, there were still details that were new to her; the most striking of them being the part where the story had it that the boy she considered her lover boy was actually holding back on her by reason of their religious backgrounds. She was disheartened, and her spirit was destabilized! She didn’t know whether or not to proceed to see the boy. But she had come a long way down and shouldn’t just return like that. So she proceeded to his house. On reaching there, the boy was all bright and full of life, but she was gloomy and moody.
“What’s up? You don’t look bright. You should be happy to see me” the boy said.
“Really? You think I should be happy?” She asked.
“Of course!” he exclaimed. “We just got to see each other again after four years. Come on; I have everything prepared and in place. You need to cool off. You’ve been in the air for nearly an hour now”
“I will. Only after you explain this to me” She said coldly, and then forwarded the story to him on whatsapp.
“Explain what?” he asked curiously. Just then, his phone beeped. The message she just sent was delivered to his phone, and she replied him saying; “Check your phone” The guy confusingly grabbed his phone and click opened the message she just sent. Low and behold, it was the story he had briefed JB and told him to post online and get feedback for him. 
His countenance dropped immediately. He didn’t know what to say to her. He was confused and his heart beat got faster. A moment later, he lifted his face to the girl and tried to explain things to her. But before he could say any word, she motioned him with her hand to shut up. And then she asked him this simple question; CAN YOU STAND THIS LOVE? The boy couldn’t say yes, and couldn’t say no as well. Instead, he tried to bail himself out by some explanations he thought was going to cool her off. But she refused to be cheered by his words and asked him again.
 The guy stood there short of words for some moments, and the girl said; for the last time, I ask; CAN YOU STAND THIS LOVE? 
He said nothing. He was dumbfounded! After a while of looking each other in the eye speechlessly, it dawned on her that they were not meant to be. So she slowly turned and made for the door. On reaching the door, she turned with tears welling up in her eyes and said to him; GOODBYE FOREVER. She then left downhearted. 
The boy threw his weight on the couch afterwards and pondered on all that had happened between them from day one. Having thought and come to terms with the fact that she was gone never to return, he concluded that perhaps, he really couldn’t stand that love. I guess things between them couldn’t have been any better or worse than it was. So he braced himself up, grabbed his phone, and put a call across to somebody. Guess who; JESUSBOY!
“Hello JB” he greeted.
“What’s up homie?” JB replied.
“I think I have the conclusion of the story now” he informed.
“Seriously?” Mehn, readers have been dying to read the conclusion. Please come over and share it with me. I can’t wait to hear it myself. So what’s it going to be? Are you coming? Or do I come over?”
“Don’t worry J. I’ll be there”
“Cool!” I’m waiting.
And so he came over and briefed Jesusboy on the conclusion of the matter, which he documented and posted for the world to read. This was how the story of these two young people ended. 
Not really a happy ending if you ask me. Nevertheless, fate took its course. I will keep snooping on them to see who they both ended up with, and as usual, write about it. I hope you’ll still be around to read.
 Alright people, thank you so much for sticking around to read till the end. I appreciate your time. And in case you might be wondering how the writer ended up being Jesusboy instead of the intangible being I introduced myself to be in Episode one, this information will clarify you. Jesusboy is just the vessel I use to do my writings since I’m intangible and can neither work with tangible things nor communicate with tangible beings.
 What then does that make me? I can see curiosity taking the better part of you. Calm down, I’ll tell you. I have always been, and I still am, and I’ll always be nothing but the “SPIRIT OF JESUSBOY”
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