Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 91


​I took the bag with me to my room, kept it close to my locker, got into the bathroom. I washed up and got changed into some clean cloths. It was morning already, i was really tired and sleepy and right now the only language my brain understood was sleep as i fell into my bed and drifted wonderfully into the sleepworld.
he tried dera’s line over and over it kept on ringing without any response. He paced up and down restless, resisting the urge of going down there.
Schwartz: sitting down as he tried calming down, there’s nothing i can do now for you dera, he wasnt gonna make any rash decison. Right now he needed to stay put and calm and watch as things unfold he thought as he exhaled.
sitting in his office as he rolled from left to right on his office seat. With smiles all over his face, he was at the verge of taking over the company, he now owns 44percent of the shares, while milano owned 47 he played his cards so well without milano suspecting anything. He was back from his world of euphoria when his phone vibrated.
Forbes: looking into the screen, it was mirabel, hello mirabel
Mirabel: james how long do i have to wait?? She asked impatiently.
Forbes: smiling, calm down mirabel, just get ready for a toast of victory, it wont be long now he said with a smile.
Mirabel: i see i really cant wait to deal with him!! She said
Forbes: yeah i get it, but am gonna deliver the company over to you myself he said with a smile.
Mirabel: well that was suppose to be a goodnews but is totally not the kind am waiting to hear. She said hanging up.
Having his credit card back felt so good, he woke up this morning feeling so great when he recalled the silver necklace he saw at the grocery shop, he quickly took his bath, got dressed as he hurried to his car and drove out hoping to find the necklace.
He walked in looking around, when he couldnt find it at the spot he left it, and then he found the sparkling silver neckless sampled beautifully in a beautiful small red box with shining spots.
Damian: there you are he said with a smile as he quickly took to it to the attendant.
Attendant: fine choice sir, would you like to write anything on it she asked.
Damian: having a write up on it would be great, but i just cant compress how i feel in a few words.
Attendant: uhmm perhaps is it for someone you love, like the boy and girl kind of love? That is if you dont mind me asking.
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Damian: yup he said smiling broadly.
Attendant: fine all you need to do is relate the feeling you have for her to something, perhaps an inanimate object.
Damian: with smiles, i like her smile alot and the sparkles in her eyes, makes the star look like they are not shining.
Attendant: thats it, you can just write my star on it she said with a smile.
Damian: woow my star he said pondering over the name again and again, hmmmm i think i like it he said with a smile.
Attendant: alright sir am gonna go get it done with, i’ll be back in a few minutes she said walking away with it.
He waited for a while and soon she was back smiling.
Attendant: there you go sir she said smiling handing over the necklace to him.
Damian: he took it out looking at it with lot of smiles on his face, its beautiful he said as he quickly handed over his credit car to her, she quickly did the transaction and he was back to school in no time as he walked to the girls dorm feeling like mr classic, he couldnt wait to see the excited looks on her face when he’d hand it over to her he thought as he walked to her room.
He knocked on the door.
Isabel: hold on am coming she sanged dropping her phone as she walked to the door.
Isabel: hey damian she said with a smile hugging him.
Damian: hows my baby doing he asked smiling.
Isabel: your baby?? She asked smiling.
Damian: can i come in he asked.
Isabel: sure she said leaving the way as he walked in.
Damian: seeing how beautiful you are isabel, i decided to add an extra color, with a smile on his face, so i got you this he said handing over the box to her.
Isabel: collecting with smiles on her face as she quickly opened it, looking at the sparkling silver necklace with my star inscribed on it. Its beautiful she said with a smile.
To be continued