Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 92


​Damian: am glad you like it he said with a smile.
Isabel: like it?? I love it she said jumping excitedly.
Damian: so you’d be hanging out with me today right?
Isabel: uhmm that depends where she said with a smile.
Damian: somewhere fun you know he said smiling.
Isabel: nah fun time is over damian and you know it, if we are gonna hang out, it should be in the library or have study dates i think that will be cool.
Damian: you know for a while i totally forgot our exams is nextweek, study dates we’ll be cool he said smiling as he sat on her bed.
After long hours of sleeping she was up yarwning and stretching the day was far spent. She got up, did her hygiene, got dressed.
Sophia: you’d have to explain to me why you left so quickly she said rubbing her lip gloss. And then she was off to the boys, walking for a while, soon she was in front of lucas’ room.
I was having a really wonderful sleep when i heard knocks on my door, i tried ignoring it but it just wont stop.
Me: aaaarrrghhh come on!! Why do i keep getting distracted when am having a nice rest. Am coming i sang as i walked to the door.
Me: ooh sophia i said leaving the way for her to come in.
Sophia: he looked so tired, dont tell me you are still sleeping??
Me: am really worn out.
Sophia: i guess that explains why you couldnt wait for me to be back before leaving.
Me: it was an emergency sophia am sorry about that.
Sophia: right, am gonna forgive just because you are still very useful, you know what i mean she said smiling.
Me: hahha am gonna be spying on leo just a few times and that will be all.
Sophia: that will do, speaking of emergency luke what really happened?
Me: i wasnt sure if i should let her know right now, from the look of things dera got herself into something pretty dangerous, perhaps it has to do with her fathers death. I think i’ll tell her when i know exactly what’s going on.
Sophia: lucas!! She called again, am still over here.
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Me: hahaha i just dont know how to tell you i was feeling so sleepy, even to this very moment.
Sophia: alright she said smiling you can go to sleep am gonna go get something to eat.
She left imediately i tried going back to sleep but it seemed to have varnished. I washed up, got dressed and decided to go check on dera. I drove down to the hospital, i got down, walked into the hospital.
Me: goodday nurse
Nurse: how may i help you sir
Me: i brought in an injured patient here yesterday, by name dera.
Nurse: looking at the files, uhmm dera variz you mean.
Me: yes i said smiling a bit.
Nurse: and you are??
Me: lucas martinez.
Nurse: she’s been moved to ward 23, take the stairs you’ll find it on the left row.
Me: thank you i said smiling as i ascended the stairs, just the way she directed me and i found it. I walked in to see her sleeping peacefully with her injury properly dressed.
I sat there for a while staring at her when the doctor, who was on random check for patients came by, followed by a few nurses. After exchanging pleasantries they went ahead to examine her.
Me: hows she i asked again hoping to get a better news today.
Doctor: she’s responding so well to treatments, she would be up before nightfalls be sure to get her something to eat when she does.
Me: wooow i really couldnt wait for her to awake i thought, thank you i said smiling.
Doctor: we are only doing our job she said with a smile as they all left.
I quickly rushed out to get something delicious for her to eat whenever she wakes. Soon i was back as i sat down waiting patiently for those cute eyes of her, to shine open. After long hours of waiting, it was almost getting dark, i looked at her with keen interest, for any sign of her regaining consciousness, just then i saw her turn her head leftward a bit.
To be continued