Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 90


​My heart almost stopped beating, seeing the almost lifeless body of my love.
Me: i carried her out of the car as fast as i could, not knowing whether to cry or yell. Dera come on plssss wake up i said as i rushed to my car with her in my arms.
I opened the backdoor carefully dropping her in, hurriedly got into the car and was off to the hospital at a very high speed.
Dera: lu..cas…my…car! She said weakly.
Me: hearing her say incoherent words was really a relief to me, hang on in there baby, am gonna get you to the hospital i said stepping on the accelerator even harder.
Soon i pulled over in front of patmos hospital, jumped down swiftly as i carried her in my arms as quick as i could, she tried saying something which i didnt bother listening to.
Dera: with the last strength she could muster, she grab his shirt, my car!! Keep it safe!! She said and passed out.
Me: baby!!! I said increasing my pace, hitting the glass door open with my foot as i walked in, the nurses rushed over, leading us to an emergency ward.
Everything seemed to be happening so fast, the nurses running in and out as she was placed on an oxygen machine as they took out the dagger and applied pressure on the injured surface, to stop the blood flow. Just then a nurse rushed in with a drip bag containing blood. I watched the event unfold with lots of terrified looks when someone gave me a soft tap from behind.
Nurse: we’d do our best, in the main time, you have to wait at the reception.
Me: i just moved like i was being remoted without saying a word, just then the irritating sight of the blood i saw made me wanna puke. Do you have any paper bag i said trying to hold it back when she rushed to the reception to get me one. I just couldnt hold it anymore, i poured it all into the bag, as i breath down in relief.
Nurse: giving him a soft tap on his back, by chance you saw something irritating?
Me: yeah the blood, relaxing back.
Nurse: just relax and let me know when you need anything she said walking away.
Just then i recalled the words she said her car, i got out drove back to the spot we left her car. I locked mine and walked to were it was parked, with lots of blood stains on the seat. Then i saw something shocking a gun!! A machine gun in front, i quickly moved it to the trunk where i saw alot of other kinds of weapons and armours.
Me: where the hell did she go to!! I thought as my mouth flew open in shock. I got in turned on the engine, drove to a car wash down the road. They werent in there working hours, i had to pay a quite unusual amount to have the blood stains cleaned up
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She was back to her room after filling her tommy with water, to meet an empty room.
Sophia: come on dont tell me you couldnt even wait for me to be back before leaving to your room! she murmured as she picked her phone to call him. She heard his phone ringing on the bed, he left without his phone. We’d sort that out later she thought falling into her bed to get some sleep.
I drove back to school in her car, packing it properly in the parking lot. And was out again to get my car after locking her car. A while ago i felt really sleepy, right now, I have got no logical explanation where it varnished to. 
It was almost dawn, i jogged tirelessly for a while and soon i was back at the exact spot where i left my car. I got in and drove back to the hospital. Walked in imediately, the nurse at the reception quickly made me signed some paper works filling our names in the required spaces. Just then i saw one of the surgical nurses who was in the emergency ward with her, before i left.
Me: i quickly rush to her, how’s she?? I asked impatiently.
Nurse: oooh she said recalling, her injury has been taken care of but she lost alot of blood, luckily we just got a store full of blood, she is gonna be out for a day or two but shes definitely gonna be fine.
Me: you have no idea how relieving this is i said exhaling.
Nurse: smiling yeah you’ve got nothing to worry about, you look worn out yourself, go get some rest now she said as she walked away.
I drove back to school and was about walking into my dorm when the expression on her face when she talked about her car flashed in my head. I was sure, there’s got to be something important inside of it. I opened her car, checking the seats, just then i found her school bag behind the drivers seat on the floor.
To be continued