Passion and Power – Wednesday (02.11.16)


In today’s episode,
Erick’s situation gets worse so Nina runs to tell Arturo and after the doctor checked on him, he reports to them that Erick has fallen into Coma and this comes like a big blow.
Miguel tells Augustin about Clara’s situation that she’s been fired by Franco and now she is looking for a new job and Clara arrives so he introduces her to Augustin at the hospital and he asks her to come over to the office so he will look for a qualified position for her since she is a computer literate and Clara thanks him.
David goes to pick Regina to go see Erick at the hospital and Petra Samantha tells David about Jorge having a friendly relationship with Regina during their teen years and this confuses David more because he now can tell that he has a competitor for Regina.
The police arrive at the hospital to tell Consuelo that they now have conclusive evidence that Erick Montenegro is the real murderer of Montserrat and quickly Consuelo faints and she is taken to the ward to be checked on. The doctor confirms that she is alright and has nothing to worry about.
Nina tells Arturo about the whole truth on what Erick told her about Montserrat’s death but he also explained that it was an accident as they were only arguing and he pushed her unconsciously and Arturo and Daniela become so worried but he asks them not to say anything until Erick looks okay.
Arturo and Nina go to see Consuelo and seeing her and Miguel together, Nina becomes angry that he always comes closer to his Brother’s wife and Miguel leaves the ward. Arturo then tells Consuelo not to stress herself up so much because Erick will be fine.
David goes with Regina to the hospital and she asks Daniela that they put their indifferences aside and have the hope that everything will go well with their brother and quickly, the doctor arrives to tell them that Erick is now stable and therefore they can see him and this brings joy to them and David kisses Regina before Daniela and she looks so hurt seeing them kissing.
Franco tells Eladio that he prefers Erick dead than alive and Eladio goes furious at him for saying nonsense because death is not always the answer to win over someone.
Gabby’s parents arrive and Julia looks so happy having her sister and brother in-law home for the marriage ceremony of their daughter and Julia welcomes them with great joy. 
Caridad overhears Marintia telling Franco about being pregnant which and becomes so disappointed in her son but Franco kicks her out and asks Marintia to abort the child but hell NO, she wouldn’t do that. 
David tries asking Arturo to accept his relationship with Regina but still Arturo refuses to do that and David tells him that though he refuses to accept, the point is the love they have for each other looks so strong that nothing can separate them as destiny brought them together.
Regina goes to see Erick at his ward and upon her return, Arturo asks her to stay away from David because he can’t afford seeing her sleeping beside his enemy but Regina tells him that she can’t because she will die without David.
Franco gives a check to Caridad to go and cash it but straight away, she suspects that he wants to give it to Marintia to have abortion but she advises him not to do anything stupid because if she had aborted him he wouldn’t have been the pride of Eladio now since that was what Eladio also wanted her to do. Franco then says to Caridad that Eladio is only fond of him and pretends to love him because he knows most of his secret dealings if not he thinks he would have kicked him out of his life long ago but Caridad says otherwise.
Gabby arrives to see her parents and she looks so happy and after hugging them, she goes to hug Eladio and Julia for the great surprise.
Arturo goes to see Erick ad he looks so sad in the state he is in and he blames himself for being the cause of Erick’s accident but he asks him to forgive him as he’s already forgiven him for everything.
Eladio meets with the family and upon Franco’s arrival, he tells them straight away that they have to move on with the civil wedding straight away without any hesitation and comes as a surprise to Franco but he has no choice than to agree.
After Caridad cashed the cheque, she goes to give it Marintia and she tells her that she certainly know what that money is for but she pleads with her not to abort the child because she is willing to take care of him as that child is also Eladio’s grandchild and upon Marintia hearing Eladio’s name she becomes a bit conscious so she tells Caridad that she wants to think about it since she doesn’t want any baby now.
Consuelo goes to see Erick to ask him for his forgiveness for telling him that she love Miguel and this is what caused him angry to leave in a rush to drive leading to his accident but their baby needs him and so he has to get better.
Arturo asks Miguel to understand that Consuelo is still married to Erick so he should respect that and Miguel thinks he is certainly going to respect that but respecting them can’t prevent him from loving Consuelo.
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