Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 88


​The men looked around for awhile and found no one, they quickly exited the room to look around.
Vince: you’ve got to be on alert she is somewhere in this building he said into the radio.
she hunged on the roof between two wall with her hands and legs all spread out. She jumped down from the roof, staying away from the camera. She got out a circular shaped silver device that look like a medalion. Pinned it to her cap, it was nicknamed ghost walk, because having the device on you can walk pass any security camera unseen without hiding.
She got out of the room to the hallway as she increased her pace, just then she heard footsteps approaching, she quickly open the door next to her, got in quickly shutting the door quietly. It looked like a study room, the wall facing the door were made of transparent glasses.
She walked to the window, reaching for her bag as she got out magnetic gloves on glasses. She climbed out of the window scaling the glass wall downwards. And soon she was down, she sneaked to a comfortable spot as she surveyed the area, spotting a few guards on the left and soon they were out of sight she quickly advanced towards the wall, jumping over as fast as possible. She ran quickly to her car and was off, she drove round the curvy streets and just when she was gonna connect the straight road, a black honda was in her path.
he knew from the way she hunged up, she went ahead to get the box. He knew cornel so well, he’s so relaxed because he had his ghost man over seeing everything. Alex was reffered to as mr cornel’s ghost man because it almost seem like they had this mind communication, in a few cases the other were still in his mouth but then its been carried out. He was called ghost man because only a few people knew who he was, he is exceptionally skillful, his victims never lived to tell the story, leaving no trace, he made death a mystery.
All this thought were running through his head in seconds as he paced up and down.
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She was about reversing the car, when a blonde hair guy dressed in a dark maffian coat, got out of the car, with a huge gun, pointing at her.
Dera: she knew there was no running for her perhaps she’d have to take him along she thought.
Alex: walking slowly towards her, his feet were firm on the ground but they made no sound. Looking at him, you’ll need no one to tell you he was deadly.
Dera: she got out of her car standing firm like she was ready for a fight.
Alex: hand over the box and i’ll let you have a peaceful death he said with a evil grin.
Dera: scoffs, theres no way thats happening she said.
Alex: i dont ask i take!! Perhaps you might wanna say your last prayers too he said with a smile tossing the gun away.
Dera: bring it on!! she said pulling out her sword.
He roared angrily like a lion about to pounce on its prey as he rushed over to where she stood. She took a stance ready to attack, as he moved closer she swung the sword to his face, he dodged swiftly, when she accompanied her attack with a quick kick. He waved it off pulling her left arm as he grabbed the right bending it backward putting her sword back into her shealth, hitting her tommy hard with his kneels as she fell on the floor trying to catch her breath.
Alex: he took out a dagger, as he walked towards her, she crawled backward trying to get back up but he kept sweeping her feet of the ground causing her to stay down. Your gonna die anyway but first you’d have to tell me where you hid the box he said with a grin.
To be continued