The hard truth is when we act more religiously than thinking about our eternal life as mortal beings. That is when we rebuke one another for the petit things but we do greater things inwardly and in our hidden. That is when the pastor wakes up early Sunday morning and preaches to his congregation about charity and still scorn those who cannot afford mega offerings and some, none.
That is when the Bible said “you were given these gift free so give it out for free” and pastors sell anointing oil, water from wells, handkerchiefs and lemon, all in the name of Miracles.
Again, the hard truth is when the Quran talks about zakat is and yet some Muslims ignore the down trotted, destitute and the poor in the society. When indeed the Quran gives clear guidelines as to how Muslims must dress worthy of Allah but ignore it and expose their body part to the public as if they are harlots.
In all these I do not blame anyone but just stating the hard truth that if you want to be cold be cold and warm be warm but lukewarm shall taste the fire of hell. 
Now watch this, when we all sit in class and learn and hope and wish for better grades, some students go buy grades they do not deserve, others too will use what they have to get grades they do not deserve all in the name of first class. The University have always been acclaimed as an award rewarding institution, but what do we see, hmm.. Those who deserve to be duly awarded are ignored for those who can pay their way through. The hard truth is when qualified students are supposed to be admitted but they are ignore for those who can pay, all in the name of protocol. When the corrupt managers of the university spend students monies in their mouth instead of using it to improve the lives of students that is the hard truth. The hard truth is that this innocent students cannot talk but remain quite because of the fear of losing their certificate or grades. When subsidized hall of residence which is supposed to be for the poor now turns to be for those with high protocol and the rich. The hard truth that cannot be said is that, gradually Education for that matter tertiary Education is becoming the preserve for the rich but not church for the poor. Hmmm…….A sad news for Ghana.
The hard truth when it comes to governance and leadership is that, leadership is no more an avenue for service but a medium for serious business. Where the opposition will not criticize constructively but to keep their great ideas for their campaigns for next election. When the sitting government will refer the constructive critics from opposition as insult because he will wish to satisfy the course of his political party that brought him to power. Where great developmental projects which are supposed to be undertaken are not being carried out because of fear that they will lose their seat in the next election. The hard truth is that there are politicians who do not know that their attitude retard our growth as a country and gives no hope to the generation unborn. When they won’t allow for fair election but will want to corrupt the mind of voters with petty monies and inferior items. Electorates, beware of corrupt politicians.


  1. That hard thruths are available everywhere in the world…. Thé hard truth is when mistreated children and women can never cet have the justice just because they executioner have thé power to corrumpt….

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