Good Sin – Episode 3 – “What you have, for what you want”


Everything about Ben seemed similar, the voice, the stature, the wristband. Eva then began to suspect Ben right away.
Just then Ben asked permission to leave which seemed to Eva that he was running away from further interrogation. 
“I guess you didn’t find who you came looking for. I have to be on my way now. I have some things to catch up” He said.
He didn’t wait for her to answer; he just left her as soon as he was done speaking. Was it shyness or He was really running away from Eva. However, that was secondary to Eva, she will surely come to the end of this matter through her own way, but for now her main worry was the where about of Dzifa. 
She had no option than to go back home and treat herself. She didn’t want anyone to know what she had been through and all she did was to ponder everything in her heart and act as if nothing had happened. Anyone who knew her very well will know that inwardly she was in pain. 
Nights, Days, Weeks and months went by, specifically two months now and yet there was no sign of Dzifa. It seemed Dzifa never existed. Eva on the other hand kept a close eye on Ben. Even after their encounter on that faithful morning, Eva met him on his way from the gym, everything remained the same. Eva continued to see Ben as her colleague and nothing more however Ben kept on admiring from afar. 
Eva noticed Ben no longer wore the wristband, just after she had interrogated him. On the other hand Eva had now lost focus and was very distracted all because she had lost her period for the past two months. She feared that was pregnant and if it was so, she only thought of one thing, to abort the baby. 
Eva was not ready to give birth to a bastard or a child whose father is a criminal. She wouldn’t bare that shame. Her national service was almost over and she had already been called for a job interview she applied online. As intelligent as she was, her resume looked very attractive and convincing. Any company wouldn’t think twice of employing her. 
That was the only reason that made her happy for a while, she knew with her capabilities and qualifications she was surely going to get the job opportunity with all things being equal. 
She woke up early morning, looking very cooperate and smart. She got to the office an hour before the interview and already there were other equally applicants in the queue waiting to be interviewed. She wasn’t really surprise, but on the contrary was very optimistic that she was going to get the job at all cost. 
The applicants patiently waited for their turn and went in one after the other as at when they were called. Eva sat right after a young lady who seemed to be very abreast with the company’s performance with the way and manner she carried herself. She seemed to know everything about the company, their yearly profits and sales, etc.  Even though she was the last person Eva thought of speaking to her. Perhaps she could gather one or two information from her. 
“ As for the manager, well, you need to be very careful with him.He may go off the limits a little, but you just have to be wise” She said to Eva. 
Eva just wondered what she meant by that, probably the manager was the difficult type and very hard to convince. 
“I see, I must sound very convincing” Eva said. Just then, the lady began to make funny giggles and before she could say anything further, it was her turn. 
As soon as she left, Eva started going through her documents once again, knowing that she was the next  person to be interviewed. She went through the papers to see if everything was set. The lady’s turn was shorter than the previous applicants. Well, Eva got a bit nervous when it got to her turn, but was able to comport herself. 
She got to the office and there the manager sat behind his desk in suit. He was a gentleman though, and even when Eva got in, he didn’t even pay attention but as soon as he set his eyes on Eva, his whole attitude changed all of a sudden.
After a short series of questions, he went through Eva’s papers and came to a conclusion. “Well, honestly, I think you sounded very convincing and capable, however, your papers are not what am looking for. I’m sorry, but the position is already filled.” He said. 
Eva looked very disappointed, she knew she was up for the job and besides, why would the manager go through the pain of questioning her if he knew the vacancy had already been occupied. Eva knew the manager needed to be convinced more and she was ready to do that. 
She then began to rattle how convince and capable she was but it seemed that the manager was not even listening to anything that she was saying. 
“I can see you really want this job right” He said. 
“That is why I am here, I am a very ambitious girl and a determine one.  I bet you that my output…”She began rattling all over again, but the manager stopped her instantly. 
He then came out of his chair and drew closer to where Eva sat. 
“Well, there is no need to rant about your capabilities and all that, I can just employ you with a snap of my finger, but you need to be wise and give me what I want as a man” He said. 
Eva was confused, what does he mean by that anyway. 
“Sir, is there anything I missed, I can rectify that immediately if you give me the chance” She said. 
He then came and stood behind Eva and placed his hand on her shoulders and began to massage them. 
“I believe you understand what I mean now” He asked. 
To be continued 
© 2016