Road to Destiny – Wednesday (02/11/16)



 In today’s episode, 
Don Fernando and Blanca arrive at the hospital to speak with Luis concerning the WILL and how he ended up giving everything to Mariana but unfortunately, upon reaching, they bump into Mariana at the ward and Blanca tells Don Fernando that there is nothing they can talk about because by this time, Mariana has already polluted Luis’ mind about the WILL. Luis tries denying it but Blanca tells him that, he might be smart but her gray hair shows that, life has really thought her many lessons in life. 
Quickly Marissa arrives to tell Luis that, Carlos has been set free on bail because Solorzano contradicted his statement. Luis then becomes very annoyed within.
Carlos goes to see Fernanda at the flowering shop but Maribel tells him that Fernanda left to be with him at the hearing and so he hugs her to bid good bye and go look for her. Maribel steals his wallet but he detects it and asks her to give it to him in a nice way and after handing it over to Carlos, she pleads with him not to say anything to Fernanda and Carlos promised and Maribel looks so worried.
Luis asks Solorzano how come Carlos was set free on bail if he truly told them that the gun men said Carlos was the one who sent them and Solorzano says that was exactly what he said but the judge said since there is no concrete evidence, he just set the bill and Marissa paid it. Luis then tells him that he should make sure to stick to the same words during the trail. Suddenly, Carlos enters to ask Solorzano how much Luis paid him to incriminate him like that and Solorzano tells him that if there is someone who knows how to pay bribes that is his mother because she tried bribing him so he will testify falsely to free him.
Marissa goes to see Pedro and she tells him point blank that she wants them to talk about their grandson and Pedro becomes nervous and Pedro tries denying it but Marissa tells him that no matter what he says, she still knows that Pedro Jnr is her grandson and what worries her is why he doesn’t want her son Carlos to know about it and he says it’s because Carlos cheated on Fer and Marissa explains everything to him as to why Carlos was at Houston but still Pedro says he wouldn’t let Carlos near his grandson because Havier wants to marry Fernanda and adopt Pedro Jnr but Marissa thinks that decision is for Fernanda and Carlos to decide.
Luis’ secretary tries taking away all the files of the loans he’s given to those unknown banks from the office as directed by her boss and fortunately, Aldonaiz arrives and sensing something fishy, asks the secretary to leave those files there because no file belonging to the bank is supposed to go out and also Luis is even sick and can’t handle things now and he takes the box from her. The secretary then goes quickly to report to Luis and he becomes so angry.
Pedro tells Amelia that no matter the dream she will have that they will come back together, it will seem impossible because his heart has been shattered due to the pain she caused him and that was the reason why he and Marissa became friends due to loneliness as Marissa also witnessed the same broken heart from Luis and Amelia blames herself saying that she feels so empty not having Pedro.
Camila’s boyfriend comes to see Don Fernando and he asks him to come work in his company but he refuses stating that, all he wants to become, is a musician
Fernanda tells Pedro that she’s finally decided to tell Carlos the truth about Pedro Jnr and Pedro wishes her well.
Marissa tells the truth to Carlos that Pedro has confirmed that Pedro Jnr is his son and Carlos looks so angry as to why Fernanda has to hide it from him and in the act, Fernanda arrives and she asks him to let them talk but he angrily attacks her for hiding the truth from him that Pedro Jnr is his son and Fernanda goes shocked and speechless since Carlos refuses to make her talk as nothing can justify her silence because she is too late to tell him everything.
Carlos mentions Isabella’s name and Fernanda says it is high time he stops mentioning that name because it makes her jealous as it hurt her that Isabella is now in his life and she is not and Carlos clears everything to her that Isabella is just a friend. Carlos then states that he also looks jealous of Havier since she is now married to him and she also clears things to him that Havier is only but a good friend and therefore he can come home anytime to see his son. The moment of sadness is here.
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