Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 87


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She reading the message, she was left to wonder what he actually meant, right now the area was clear, she could advance to the door unoticed.
Dera: theres no way am leaving without that box she thought as she advanced toward the security lock barricade door, reach for her bag, then she attached a device with 4 sharp steels with pointing edges and a huge crablike red circuit attached to the top part. She placed it on the door and it sticked because of the highly magnetic field around the steels. She got out her laptop as she turn it on, it emitted some canals of visible electric field that seem like sparkles.
She waited for a while as she checked on her time on intervals. It was gonna take 30secs. In exactly 30seconds she checked her system, TRANSMISSION COMPLETE was boldly written. She walked to the botton box, punch a few words and then the door was opened. (the door had a special device for remembering the correct password, like the brain, the electric signal was to make it malfunction and more like formating its brain, right now it could accept any password in its weak state and grant you access, its usually called a confused state. Its gonna take over and hour to be function as normal.)
she quickly parked up her device in her bag, and hunged it when she sneaked in gently, there was a glass in front of her with a security alarm system, when touched by an intruder, it would signal the men outside.
Dera: hmmm you are pretty smart aint you she thought as she got out a touch from her bag and shutting out the power from the control box in the room and then the door move open. She smiled to herself as she walked in. That was when she realized she has been a fool, she didnt even check for camera’s, perhaps they already seen her from the control tower and thats explains why schwartz call it a trap!!
And just then schwartz called.
Schwartz: come on girl tell me you are out of there?
Dera: no am close to getting the box.
Schwartz: d–n!! your gonna be bursted if you dont leave
Dera: how much time do i have??
Schwartz: they seem to have lost signal, if you are in that room then there is no time. She quickly hunged up as she walked to where the box was kept on a silver steel with flat top and base for balance, in the middle of the room, she knew the camera would be on watch but the powers were out so she had no worries. She took a good look at it, it had an alarm system, just taking was gonna signal every one outside like the fire kinda alarm. She looked behind the steel when she found a red wire connected to a circuit she quickly cut it into 2part by pulling them apart.
The security at the control tower watching over the building from the different view of the well hidden camera’s. Just then he saw someone walked suspiciously into the hallway, earlier mr cornel told him to keep an eye on that room. He quickly informed schwartz who was surprised to hear there were security camera’s in the hallway.
Schwartz: this can only mean one thing he knows she was gonna come. He quickly walked to mr cornel after delaying abit trying to buy her as much time as possible.
Schwartz: theres an intruder in your mansion.
Mr cornel: hahahah that wont be a problem schwartz just stick by me it been taken care of. His word got him so restless.
And then the man at the tower signal everyone to stay alert on their position as dozen of arm men walked into the hallway, through the stairs and soon they were in front of the barricaded door.
Man: speaking into his radio, all clear he said.
Vince: the lock has been deactivated, just put in any password she’s right inside, she’s on black out now i cant pick signals from here.
They punched in a few words as the door moved open, 2 of the men rushed in pointing their guns ready to shoot as the other turn on the power.
Men: they advanced forward towards the box, and it was still intact, looking around they found no one! Vince can read! Intruder not found.
Vince: you’ve got to be kidding me she walked right into that room!!.
To be continued


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