Road to Destiny – Tuesday (01/11/16)



 In today’s episode, 
Pedro, Havier, Maribel and Fernanda enjoy their meal when suddenly, Margarida runs to them in full happiness.  Maribel asks her if she escaped from the prison and Margarida replies that she was released but since she had nowhere to go, she looked for Fernanda’s address and came here but will look for a job immediately she settles. Havier then asks her to come work in his house since his house help quit her job and Margarida looks so happy.
Margarida arrives in Havier’s house and in a conversation with him, she sees that Havier looks so down but since he refuses to tell her, she continues to do her miss universe rehearsals since she wishes to become one someday.
Luis gains consciousness. Marissa arrives to check on him and tells him that Solorzano has accused Carlos for shooting him leading to him being unjustly arrested by the police. therefore should give a statement to free him but Luis says if indeed Carlos is the one who shot him he is going to do everything possible to see him in jail.
Carlos consoles himself in prison that for Fernanda to come visiting him in jail tells that she actually loves him very much though she is with someone else. In the same vein, Fernanda also thinks about him stating that this shouldn’t have happened because she now needs him more than ever.
Marissa tells Isabella that she is going to tell Carlos about Fernanda’s son because there is no doubt the boy is his son and that is something her intuition keeps telling her inner being and Isabella looks nervous asking Marissa not to such thing and in that same vein, Aldonaiz was eavesdropping that their conversation.
Marissa meets with Solorzano to coerce him to speak the truth and change his statement against her son in exchange for a job or money and Solorzano decides to think about it.
Margarida in a conversation with Havier  sees that Havier looks so down and she tells him she knows exactly who he is really worried about; Fernanda and Havier admits it. He then tells her that he feels so insecure about Fernanda seeing that she is still in love with Carlos and Margarida don’t know how a man who is very handsome and intelligent like him will waste his time on a woman who will never love him back. Havier then thinks Fernanda can never forget Carlos and so it will be better he sets his eyes on a woman who will love him back.
Solorzano goes to see Luis and he tells him that it’s a good thing he didn’t die and Luis says if he thought just a few Bullets will end him dead, it’s a joke. He then discloses to him about Marissa’s deal that he withdraw his case in exchange for a job or money but he thinks he has to consult him if that is what he wants or to jail him and Luis prefers that he add up to the statement to have Carlos in jail forever.
The hearing begins and Carlos tells every bit of the threats he made to Luis in the heat of the argument but he will never try to kill a human being for anything but Solorzano tries adding more soar to injury and unfortunately, his second statement contradicted with his first one and the judge detects something wrong so since there’s no concrete evidence that says Carlos actually shot Luis, the judge grants him bail so he remains free while he under goes trial and Marissa looks so happy as well as Carlos and everyone around except for Solorzano who bows his head in shame.
Camila tells Don Fernando about his boyfriend and how he loves him but her father opposes but Don Fernando asks her to let his boyfriend come over so he can see what to do to help him out in life and Camila looks so happy.
Lupe asks Fernanda to tell the truth to Carlos about Little Pedrito and Fernanda would want to make her father understand that first and Lupe says she should say it early before someone does it if not she will lose Carlos forever as he wouldn’t forgive her ever.
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