Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 73


After a long convincing chat with isabel, she finally gave in.
Damian: you are the best isabel he said smiling.
Isabel: well have chosen to believe you, screw up again and you’ll have yourself to blame.
Damian: i told you am different now he said smiling. They continued their chat as they walk out of the cafe to hang out somewhere cooler.
The classroom was lonely and quiet when i saw sophia walk pass like she was insearch of someone.
Me: sophia i called out and she stopped in her track.
Sophia: there you are!! she said walking into the classroom.
Me: uhmmm let me guess you’ve been scouting the whole school for me?
Sophia: smiling look who’s feeling good about himself.
Me: hahah you have no idea how good that feels, having you look for me its kinda cute you know.
Sophia: trust me i do.
Me: uhmmm i definitely dont think so i said smiling.
Sophia: why is that??
Me: well am terrible at lying, i had to save myself the whole stress and find away to avoid the question. Uhmmm well i cant say anything to you right now.
Sophia: i thought you were gonna ask me where i went with your mum??
Me: trust me i had that in mind and after a while i think i forgot. So if you dont mind can you tell me i said smiling urging her to say it.
Sophia: i really dont know if i should be excited about this whole thing luke because somehow i still feel burdened. We went for a blood test and the result shows that she’s my biological mother, am your sister luke she added.
Me: popping my eyes open like i was shocked, the smiles on my face was so long lived.
Sophia: smiling, we are getting to the interesting part. We are not just any brother and sister, you are my twin she said.
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Me: woooooow i said smiling, wait a minute, but you don’t look like me?.
Sophia: am not in the position to answer that she said smiling.
Me: come here i said hugging her tightly, mum told me once about my twin sister ashley, am really glad she turns out to be you i said smiling.
Sophia: smiling, me too she said as we broke from the hug. So what are you doing here all alone??
Me: reading of course i said smiling.
Sophia: and how about you tell me about my new family, you know what am talking about she said winking.
Me: hahaha are you sure about this??
Sophia: yea i still need to know luke.
Me: fine! Am sure by now you know pamela, ricky and damian, are your siblings too right.
Sophia: yes i do she said smiling, Pamela and Damian I can put up with but Ricky, yuck, but i wanna hear more about mum.
Me: wooow it feels good hearing you call her that. I said punching my laptop. Mum runs a multi-billion dollar company, called the fadden corp. Well most of their transactions are not disclosed for the general public to see but from my little finding, they’ve got in their possession assets over billions of pounds.
Sophia: whoa!!! I can imagine a very huge bank account already.
Me: hahaha am sure you can never exhaust mum’s credit card in your life time.
Sophia: chuckling, i wouldnt want to try.
Me: have you got a boyfriend cos you might wanna buy one, i said with a smirk.
Sophia: hitting my arm playfully hahha stop being naughty she said as we kept talking.
All pictures and videos of mr cornel she saw on the internet, somehow she kind of noticed a man who seemed to follow him around always. She did a face search and details of him popped up on the screen.
Dera: next target in sight she said with a smile as she collapse on her bed to have a brief nap.
To be continued