Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 72


​Charles: you have no idea what this means to me sophia, for a while i thought you’d never forgive me.
Sophia: i was never angry dad. They both smiled hugging each other for a while.
Charles: uhmmm i think its time you get to know your momma better.
Sophia: sure about that?
Charles: yup he said smiling abit.
Sophia: alright then byee i have to get back to school she said smiling.
Charles: alright take care of yourself ok and call me when you get to school.
Sophia: alright dad she said as she hopped to the door flung it open like she was gonna leave. Peeping again with smiles.
Sophia: i love you dad
Charles: hahah i know you do he said smiling as he sat down.
She walked out of the hospital to the car, to meet ricky in the car and he seem to be sleeping.
Sophia: dont tell me you fell asleep.
Ricky: waiting is boring sophy plssss tell me this is the part where we have to leave.
Sophia: smiling yes ricky its time to go.
Ricky: smiling yes!! I really have a couple of things to be doing, you owe me one girl.
Sophia: can we go now??
Ricky: yes ma’am he said as he stepped on the accelerator. So tell me whats going on??.
Sophia: wait a minute, you are milano’s son right??
Ricky: hahaha seriously you expect me to answer that.
Sophia: how come am just thinking about that now, that means he’s my brother too she yelled in her head, as she looked away quickly.
Ricky: hahah have you gone mute?
Sophia: stop talking to me, she said quickly, i really cant imagine having ricky as my brother aaaaarrgghh!! Pamela too, yeah i like her alot thats kinda cool, and lucas uhmmmm, damian!!! She yelled in her head, this is really weird, i cant do this she said covering her face.
Ricky: are you going A-crowd on me??.
Sophia: ricky!!
Ricky: right stop being dramatic, am gonna mind my business he said keeping his eyes on the road.
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I went in search of dera, come on i was getting pretty hungry i thought she said we could share her credit card ofcourse. Only God knows were ricky went to. I walked into the cafeteria to see what i can get with what is left in joe’s card.
as they walked to the cafeteria, he tried convincing her.
Damian: come on isabel!! I promise am different now.
Isabel: thats not convincing she said looking at him with the corner of her eye. As they walked into the cafetaria got lunch and they walked to an empty table.
Damian: i know you think am a jerk isabel, but i wasnt bluffing when i said am changed now.
Isabel: you dont seem to give up do you??
Damian: you really have pretty eyes isabel.
Isabel: right, how pretty are they she said smiling a bit.
I walked into the cafe. Ordered burgers, i saw damian and isabel talking, i decided to stay as far away as possible. Ate the burger as quick as possible and was out of the cafe. Back to my room, grabbed my bag and was off to the classroom, by now its gonna be less populated or even lonely.
I got there to see the white board filled with all kind of bills, about the ladies week. I sat at the back sit. As i read a book
They both drove into the school as he parked his car in the parking lot.
Ricky: smiling and here we are.
Sophia: thanks for the ride ricky she said smiling as she got down.
Ricky: come on i didnt drive all the way just to get a thank you!!
Sophia: pardon??
Ricky: wheeew just forget i said that he said shutting his door.
Sophia: good she said as she went in search of lucas.
To be continued