Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 71


Soon they got to the the general hospital.
Sophia: ricky wait right here i’ll be back in a few minutes
Ricky: alright girl he said. Sophia walked into the hospital, headed straight to charles office. Luckily he was in.
Sophia: hello dad.
Charles: abit suprised how are you sophia he said smiling.
Sophia: am really not fine dad not after what you said on phone.
Charles: uhmm am sorry i made you worry but i actually meant every word i said, mirabel is you mum.
Sophia: how?? She asked imediately
Charles: staring at her for a while.
Sophia: come on dad, from what she told me, i really dont think its true because she said i am lucas’ twin sis. But then lucas dad is milano, and now if am really lucas twin and mirabel my mum, then who is my dad she asked.
Charles: right i guess you deserve to know everything sophia, you are no longer a kid. He said exhaling deeply
Sophia: am listening dad she said, with curiousity bodly written on her face.
Charles: its been a very long time, i saw her give birth to 2 cute babies……………he went on to explain to her, events which took place, ranging from him being unable to be a father, to the point she was taken away.
Me: uhmmm hey isabel i said smiling abit i had no idea you were coming.
Isabel: well i decided to say hi to you before going for lunch.
Me: uhmm we were about going for lunch too..
Damian: smiling that’s right he said.
Isabel: ok then lets go she said smiling abit.
Damian: uhmmm i think you’d have to go without us cos we’ve got a very complicated issues with our credit cards.
Isabel: that wont be a problem, i could buy you guys lunch.
Damian: that would be great he said moving beside her.
Me: uhmmm why dont you too run along ehmm i think i’ll have to find a solution for this i said flaunting the card.
Isabel: come on you can do that after lunch.
Me: uhmm sorry but its kinda urgent you know.
Isabel: alright then, bye, she said as damian gave me a thumb up.
Me: i quickly gave him the i wasnt doing that for you kind of look.
I watched them walk away, well i did notice something a bit funny. She seemed to be mad at damian and damian giving his very best to reconsile.
Me: i smiled shaking my head as i walked away in search of dera.
After a long while he was finally done, explaining everything to her. She sat there staring at him not knowing whether to yell at him, get angry or even smile.
Charles: i know i did a very wrong thing by keeping you in the dark about your birth sophia. I know You have all the right to be angry if you want to or hate me if you want but i still want you to know, the love i had for you was never a lie sophia and right now i still feel sad.
Sophia: looking very sad, even when am angry or sad, i can stay mad at you dad, because i still love you dad.
Charles: he got up from his seat as he hugged her tightly.
Sophia: i know how bad you must have felt but i want you to know, i might be actually be child like you said but that doesnt change the way i feel about you dad. To me you are still the best thing that happened to me.
Charles: he really wasnt expecting her to say that but he was really relieved to hear that.
Sophia: no matter how i think about it, am still gonna be grateful, you took me with otherwise, i guess i would have lost my mind on the way. I know how it was for lucas, how long he waited to see mum, i knew how he felt, he lived like he never really existed. Even when i want to hate you for lying to me, i just cant help but smile because you made me a better person.
To be continued