Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 70


​I ran on the machine while leo sat comfortably at a corner holding a stop watch. I kept up my pace for over an hour, i was getting pretty exhausted.
Leo: wooow impressive he said stopping the watch.
Me: smiling i told you i wasnt running away. We move on to the next exercise, i lifted the heavy irons while he counted the number of times.
After alot of strength draining exercises i was worn out, i fell on the floor to catch my breath.
Leo: smiling i have to admit you are way better than before.
Me: smiling thanks for the compliment.
Leo: rest a little i wanna see you do some bag punching right away he said with a smile as he walked away.
Me: i quickly grabbed my bottle water, almost emptying its content as i breath down in relief. Rested awhile longer, i stood up stretching abit.
Leo: i can see you are ready he said flashing some cute smile.
Me: sure! I said as we walked to the red punching bag.
Leo: show me what you’ve got boy.
Me: i tighten my fist giving the bag hard hits as it danced.
Leo: impressive he said grabbing the bag, come on hit it.
Me: i hit the bag so hard again with all the strenght i could muster right now. And then i was exhausted.
Leo: that will be all for today, go rest a while he said walking away.
Everything was happening so fast first luke’s mum, claims to be her biological mother and now dad says she is. No he didnt sound like himself she thought she needed to see him. She got out of her room, as she went in search of ricky, and then she found him talking to a girl.
Sophia: ricky can you give me a ride.
Ricky: uhmm sophy am kinda in the middle of something he said smiling.
Sophia: its urgent!! She said stressing her word.
Ricky: sorry babe have got to go now, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. i’ll call you later he said with a smile as he walked with her to the parking lot. Now do you mind telling me what this is about?
Sophia: i need to go see my dad she said.
Ricky: oook and where is the “its urgent” coming from.
Sophia: i’ll explain everything to you later ok for now we have to hurry before i die of curiousity she said.
Ricky: huuuh!! fine get in he said opening the front passenger seat for her as he hurriedly got in and they drove of.
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He got back to his room frustrated and now he was starving too, he’s had nothing ever since he got up. He went insearch of lucas, to see him walking into the hallway looking worn out, holding a bottle of water and a towel on his shoulder.
Damian: uhmmm where have you been??
Me: trust me you dont wanna know.
Damian: i think you are right, i really dont want to know.
Me: walking passed him to my door.
Damian: dude right now am so hungry, i feel like am gonna die…
Me: uhmmm i dont think joe’s card is enough for lunch.
Damian: trying wont be a bad idea he said.
Me: uhmm on a second thought you can check on ricky, he had pamela bring his credit card over, am sure that would be alot easier.
Damian: great!! He said looking obviously happy as he walked away.
Me: i’ll join you guys after a quick shower i yelled.
Damian: suit yourself.
I walked into my room showered and got changed into some clean clothes, i got out to see damian walking down the hallway with a lot of disapointment on his face.
Me: let me guess, you cant find him.
Damian: he’s out.
Me: uhmmm i’ll be right back i rushed in grabbed joe’s credit card, and was out. I was about shutting my door when i heard my name.
Isabel: hello luke, we both turned to isabel beaming with smiles.
To be continued