Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 69


​Charles: she..s…in her….sc..hoo.l he stammered.
Micheal: i know charles, now pick up your phone and tell her, the lady she met  today is her mama and am gonna let this all sleep away.
Charles: looking at him in shock, the sad looks on his face is like his world was crumbling, he reached for his phone as his arm shaked vigorously.
Micheal: looking pissed you are really gonna get me mad if you keep up this act.
Charles: grabbing his phone dialed sophia’s number.
Sophia: hello dad
Charles: tears ran down his left eye, sophia the lady you met earlier today is your mother.
Sophia: what?? Dad are you alright she asked cause he sounded different.
Charles: quickly hunged up dropping the phone slowly as he stared at micheal.
Micheal: smiled a bit, consider this as my last gift to you he said standing up immediately to leave.
He paced up and down in his office up and down, frustration written all over his face, sophia was all he’s got. He grabbed his phone, and some pills, walked swiftly out of the hospital drove down to fadden’s corp
She was seated in her office when the secretary told her doctor charles was here to see her.
Mirabel: alright let him. Charles walked in looking really weird.
Charles: mirabel i know am wrong, i know i decieve the worst punishment on earth but plsss dont take her away from me
Mirabel: shaking her head, no matter how i think about, i just dont understand why you did that charles. Perhaps you could tell me.
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Charles: he walked to the seat facing her. Its kind of a longer story i found out when i was younger i could never father a child. It made me feel bad a whole lot, and then i saw your cute two little babies. Believe me i tried to look away but owing to the fact that you were unconscious after giving birth, knowing how messed up everything was. I thought i could keep the child and get away with it. I know i was selfish mirabel, but i really cant do without her.
Mirabel: you could have adopted a child charles!!
Charles: standing up as he knelt down in front, am not scared of loosing everything right now, am only scared of loosing her mirabel. If you gonna take her away from me i think its best you kill me instead. He said with teary eyes.
Mirabel: am sorry, but there’s nothing i can do for you charles.
Charles: i swear i can do anything for her mirabel, plsssss just dont take her away plssss.
Mirabel: she really saw the sincerity in his words, she felt bad for him, but then its hard for her too, she cant just let her daughter go. She looked away avoiding eye contact, charles i cant let you have my daughter now if you dont mind plsss leave my office.
Charles: smiling amidst tears, i knew you’d say that well since you are gonna take her away, i have nothing to live for anymore, he got out some pills from his pocket taking a good number of them in his palm.
Mirabel: what are you doing?? she asked in shock
Charles: exhaling deeply, just tell my daughter, i couldnt live with out her. So i had to go far away from earth, i’ll just have to watch over her from the other side he said and was about putting the pills in his mouth.
Mirabel: charles dont!!! Fine fine you win, i still cant let you have her but you are free to see her whenever you want, and she can still call you dad if she wants.
Charles: his eyes popped open, he couldnt believe she just said that, he was so excited and confused about what to do exactly as he felt so overwhelmed with joy.
To be continued