Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 68


​Her lips felt so wonderful i couldnt get enough of it, a while ago she ripped my shirt of. Still locked in kisses with her hands wrapped around my neck as i slowly dropped her on the bed. Kissing her necks softly as she maintained a firm grip on me, while her hands caressed my back once in a while, we were so lost in deep passion.
Just then i think i came back to my senses, i was begining to feel so guilty about this, and i just couldnt go on anymore, i broke from the kiss.
Me: moving away from her uhmm i think thats enough.
Dera: did i do something wrong??
Me: not at all dera.
Dera: then what?? She asked looking abit confused.
Me: it just doesnt feel right.
Dera: she was really disappointed but then she quickly hid it, i think you are right she said dryly.
Me: smiled a bit, well i thought she was gonna be pissed or something.
Dera: alright have got to go hang out with my friends now she said smiling abit.
Me: alright then byeee i said as i watched her walk away. Fell back on my bed, her lips were so wonderful. For over 30minutes my brain went blank i thought as i smiled, picked my shirt and was off to the gym.
Leo: hmmm look who we have here.
Me: hey man how you doing.
Leo: i thought you’ve finally decided to stay away he said smiling.
Me: nah i just took a short break but am back now.
Leo: lets see what you can do then.
Drove straight down to the general hospital were charles worked. Walked straight into his office.
Charles: woow mirabel what a pleasant suprise.
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Mirabel: sitting down, is it? She asked
Charles: you look worried whats wrong.
Mirabel: am sure you know who i am charles.
Charles: of course who doesnt.
Mirabel: i’ll tell you what charles am taking back my daughter.
Charles: shocked! What are you talking about? Mirabel.
Mirabel: i’ll make it easy for you, have got all prove backing up the fact that sophia is my child. Well i would have had you thrown in jail this very minute. I think I’ll have to overlook your wrong doing one more time because i feel indepted to you. But make no mistake charles i wont blink an eyelid to make you suffer if you try anything funny she warned sternly walking away.
Charles: nooooo!!! He yelled, everything happened so fast, that secret was buried he thought hitting his table real hard, shes my daughter and am not letting her go!! He yelled. Just then his phone ranged, looking at the screen, sophia was the caller.
Sophia: hello daddy she said excitedly
Charles: how are you doing sweetheart
Sophia: am fine, dad some guy came to my school today, took me to a hospital where i met a lady who said she is my momma, she sounded so convincing dad. I cant believe anything anyone say until i hear you say it.
Charles: he just couldnt say a word to her, he really loved her so much. She already gone to meet her!! He yelled in his head.
Sophia: hello!! Dad!! She called but got no response.
Charles: am never letting her go, i dont care who gets hurt in the proccess!!! Shes my daughter!!!! No one is gonna take her away from me, he yelled when he heard a knock on the door. I dont want to see anybody!!! He yelled back like a crazy person. The atmosphere was calm again after a while he sat down trying to think of something to do. Just then the door flew open and mirabel’s dad walked in with some mean looking men.
Charles: sir he stammered.
Micheal: sitting as he stared at him angrily.
Charles: looking downwards realizing there’s a tendency he knows whats going on.
Micheal: charles i saw you as a friend, i made you prestigous, as repayment for my daughter health, i made sure you get a raise big enough to make you up the social ladder.
Charles: am grateful for that sir, he said interupting.
Micheal: i wasnt done talking!! He yelled. You know very well what i can do to you charles! Right now i’ll have to consider our relationship in the past so have chosen to let it all go. Dont make me repeat myself, now hand over my grand daughter!
To be continued