We All Have Demons

Being a woman can be hard !!! Take today for instance, I woke up and I went to snap chat. The evidence was clear, the guy I thought I was dating has a girlfriend meaning I was the other woman.
So, I was not programmed to be the girl your girlfriend hates.  I don’t condone girl on girl hate.  So I started to cry and ooh boy, i did cry hard.  Not because I had been deceived but because I suspected it.  I was crying because once again some under rated guy thought it would be cool to mess with me because, hey the stupid girl deserves it.
Well, I once again make the same promise through my tears, never again. So then I ask myself, there must be a difference this time. I will not seek revenge for months… Done that it just didn’t work. I will not brood over it for months… Did that and it broke my soul.  I will not talk to him ever again…. Hey I am a sweet person so I always forgive and become friends…did that and I was back where I didn’t want to be.
It gets hard for women my age in Ghana because of a number of mundane family is pushing us to settle down,society also dictates it and finally our own will not to sleep with a bunch of guys before finding “the one”.
It gets hard when most guys are out there to just get ass.
It gets hard when after years of being lied to by men a woman ends up single because she gave up and decided being alone is better than all the hurt.
It gets hard when a man is your demon.
They say women can’t be lived with neither can they be lived without. If the pendulum doesn’t go up and down most times.
I am a mirror of the story of many young ladies out there. I had planned to end my blogs with an advice or an inspirational speech but I am a bit down to help today.  I just felt I should write. It can be therapeutic.