Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 65


​We talked for a while and then i got up, walked into the bathroom, had my shower and was dressed. Sitting close to the huge dressing mirror to dress my injury.
Dera: what are you doing??
Me: dressing my injury ofcourse, he said staring at her weirdly.
Dera: let me help you with that she said pulling me up, led me to my bed where we sat facing each other.
Me: smiling uhmm are you sure you can do this? I asked handing over the bottle the nurse gave me to her.
Dera: stop talking she said smiling abit as she pulled away the plaster.
Me: aaaaawww!!! Careful!! I yelled in pain.
Dera: chuckling as she heard her mouth with her left palm trying to hold back her laughter.
Me: now what!!
Dera: look at your face, all red hahaha it looks cute too.
Me: hahah come on! hurry i said i think am getting hungry.
Dera: she walked to the first aid box in his room, got out the unused cotton wool, using the liquid in the bottle, she cleaned the surface, covering it with another plaster.
Me: i just stared at her lips this whole time, they were so beautiful.
Dera: exhaling am done she said pausing when she found my gaze directed to her lips.
Me: well i could swear i was sitted somewhere else in my body while watching my lips moving slowly toward hers, until we were locked in deep kisses.
Dera; placing her hands on his cheek, as they both kissed each other passionately and it felt so good.
Me: just then a voice yelled in my head, you are not supposed to be doing that!! I quickly broke from the kiss.
Dera: whats wrong she asked imediately.
Me: smiling abit, lets go for breakfast i said pulling her up, she smiled abit as we both walked out, towards the cafeteria.
And then a limo which drove into the parking lot caught my attention, i decided to delay abit to see who’s gonna get down from it.
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Me: mum!! I yelled in shock??
Dera: whats wrong luke? Why did you stop.
Me: thats my mum i said, as i kept wondering why she’s here in my school with out even calling me.
Dera: come on! then go say hi to her.
Me: yeah am gonna do that i said just then sophia came down from the other side.
Dera: isnt that sophia?? She asked.
Me: i was so speechless, they looked like they went somewhere together. But where he thought.
Dera: luke???
Me: lets go over i said as we walked down quickly.
Mirabel: sophia wait a minute, heres my card you can call me when you need anything ok.
Sophia: my dad is rich!
Mirabel: am richer she thought as she smiled a bit, you can keep it, you’d never know when you gonna need it.
Me: mum!!!
Mirabel: turning to see luke with a questioning face.
Sophia: i have to go now she said quickly walking away.
Me: whats happening??
Mirabel: luke i really dont have alot of time to explain to you, but thats ashley she said in more like whispers.
Me: huuuh!!! I yelled smiling a bit, sophia!! I really couldnt believe it.
Mirabel: now luke i know you’re excited but i really dont want you getting involve in any of this when its time you gonna meet her.
Me: raising my hands abit, they are off i said smiling.
Mirabel: come here!! She said as he hugged her smiling. Uhmm who’s your friend over there.
Me: omg!! Am so sorry thats dera.
Dera: hello ma’am
Mirabel: how you doing sweetheart.
Dera; am fine she said smiling abit.
Me: while she gave me, is she the one kind of look as i nodded.
Mirabel: lucas how about you bring your wonderful friend here over for the weekend?
Me: i knew she’d was gonna say that i tried telling her not to but she just wont give in.
Dera: that would be great she said with a smile.
Me: you have your books to read.
Dera: am free on weekends, she said.
Mirabel: great see you then.
Me: byeee mum i said with a smile.
Mirabel: is that a plaster i see on your face?? She asked a bit pissed.
To be continued