Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 64


He got out of bed, used the mouth wash and was back to his bed. He really didnt had much to do today, he wished he never forgot his card. Now he’s gonna have to spend a whole day in boredom.
Ricky: yes!! Pamela he yelled as an idea popped up in his brain, he grabbed his phone quickly.
Pamela: hello ricky she said excitedly.
Ricky: and hows my sweet sis doing??
Pamela: wait a minute did you just say sweet??
Ricky: hhahaa of course i did pamela.
Pamela: and what happened to the word “witch”??
Ricky: come on you know how much i love you so i thought it neccessary to say nice things to you once in a while.
Pamela: hahaha nice ricky thats hilarious, you cant fool me ricky what is it you want.
Ricky: fine you got me but i really need my credit card plssss.
Pamela: and uhmm how does that involves me?
Ricky: come on i left it in your room, i was thinking you could bring it over, plssss.
Pamela: you know dad would never let me go beyond a 30minutes drive range.
Ricky: come on! I know you’ve got your way around everything i know you can.
Pamela: smiling the last time i checked witches are no heroes so why should i help you!!
Ricky: fine! i know am stupid, crazy, and am probably not your favourite bro. But i could die and you know it, he said pretending to be sad.
Pamela: not convincing enough!!
Ricky: come on!! Plssss just then he figured the right trigger.
Pamela: hahaha that wont do either.
Ricky: ok here’s the thing i really dont want you freaking out, and its gonna be our little secret.
Pamela: am listening.
Ricky: lucas is really ill, he has not been himself since yesterday. I really need that card to get him the proper diet. I know you really dont want anything bad to happen to him, he said as he sobbed a little.
Pamela: omg!!! Am coming ricky!!
Ricky: uhmm and it has to be a secret.
Pamela: i heard you!! She yelled.
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They walked into the hospital lab where they had there blood taken and a strand of sophia hair, stored in a small bottle.
Nurse: you can wait over there she said pointing at a seat.
Sophia: still holding the spot she was pierced, i cant believe you made me go through this, it still hurts.
Mirabel: am sorry about that ok she said with a smile
Sophia: hmm lucas really looks alot like you when he smiles she said chuckling.
Mirabel: really! She said as they chatted for a while and soon the result was ready.
Nurse: ma’am this way plsss she said leading her to the doctor’s office. They both walked in and sat down.
Doctor: uhmm ma’am from the result blood test, you both have similar blood group and from the hair analysis too. Theres 95% that she is your daughter.
Sophia: are you kidding me!!!
Mirabel: calm down sophia give it time you’d get know everything.
Sophia: i dont want to calm down, i dont wanna hear anymore of this, am leaving.
Mirabel: holding her hands, i’ll drop you off she said softly.
Sophia: staring at her for a while fine!! She said walking to the car smith came with.
Mirabel: nope we are taking the limo. They both sat at the back as the driver hit the road.
Sophia: looking the other side out of the window, deep down inside she wanted it to be true but her dad, she feels guilty trying to accept that fact. She cared so much about her dad, he definitely wont take this lightly. She tried waving her thoughts a way, am sure this is all her doing she thought.
Mirabel: i know you have alot going through your mind, i understand trust me. I also know you are smart, i think we still need to have a little more chat.
Sophia: i dont want to talk to you about anything.
Mirabel: then you’d be kept in the dark about everything, think about it sophia, is that what you want?.
To be continued