Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 66


​Me: uhmm mum i actually….uhmm..i stammered not knowing what to say when dera quickly came in to my defence.
Dera: he tripped and fell on the audience seat, after an evening study at the hand ball peach.
Mirabel: is that true?.
Me: yes i quickly nodded, inhaling deeply.
Mirabel: why were you finding it hard to tell me?? She asked to see his reaction.
Me: thats because i thought you’d be worried.
Mirabel: smiled abit, she knew for sure lucas was lying, and dera covered him up and she intends leaving it at that. I see she said, take good care of yourselve ok, and lucas dont go tripping anymore she said looking at him with the corner of her eyes, smiling.
Me: of course i wont byeee i said as she walked back to her car and drove off.
Dera: you really are a terrible liar!
Me: yeah thanks i said with a smile.
Dera: lets go she said grabbing my arm as we walked to the cafe.
It took quite a long debate before we finally decided on what to eat, walked to the counter, carried our food tray back to our seat as we ate in silence. It was quite obvious the food was all that matter right now. Soon we were done.
Me: you really dont know how much of trouble you save me i said smiling.
Dera: you tell me.
Me: i know am a terrible lier but mum has away of making me tell her anything she wants to hear.
Dera: oooh hows that gonna put you in trouble?
Me: smiling its kinda complicated, you know. Are you done? Have got something i’d like to show you.
Dera; yes!! She said smiling. We both walked out of the cafe to the boys dorm, just then i heard my name.
Pamela: lucas!! She called.
Me: turning to see her, omg! What are you doing here i said stretching my hands for a hug.
Pamela: hugging me tightly i was worried about you.
Me: smiling like you missed me?
Pamela: yeah i know it supposed to be a secret but ricky told me you aint feeling well so i had to hurry over.
Me: hahahha come on! I think he’s just trying to scare you am fine.
Pamela: like fine?? She asked to be sure.
Me: uh-huh i said smiling
Pamela: he tricked me!! She said looking infuriated.
Ricky walking out of his room to meet us at the hallway talking to lucas.
Ricky: oh no!! She gonna be mad he thought just then her eyes found ricky.
Pamela: ricky!!! She yelled.
Ricky: quickly got himself in an acting mode, ooh my God look who we have here! He said moving closer.
Pamela: you lied to me??
Ricky: quickly grabbing her paused, searching its content and he found his credit card. Smiling as he pecked her, you are the best sister in the world he said turning to leave.
Pamela: thats it?? She asked
Ricky: i had no choice sweet sis he said smiling.
Pamela: smiling you didnt just messed with me did you??
Ricky: of course i did pretty face, go ahead cry dad’s not gonna hear you.
Pamela: ok fine am gonna pretend none of this ever happened and go home if you say to me you are sorry!
Ricky: hahaha dream on witch there’s no way thats happening. Dera and i just watch them.
Pamela: smiling i knew you’d say that but not to worry, when i get home am gonna tell dad you were in bed with 5different girls, with cans of beer everywhere and then you slammed the door to my face. And lets see if your gonna make use of your precious credit card!
Ricky: looking so shocked by the kind of story she just made up. Your not gonna say that!!
Pamela: smiling thats not the end silly, am also gonna tell him you almost beat me up because you were so drunk and then lucas came to my rescue she said smiling as she held lucas arm.
Me: hahaha i couldnt help but laugh, we all know dad love’s pamela so much, if he’s gonna overlook anything not the fact you try to touch his angel.
Ricky: pamela!!! You not gonna say that!!
Pamela: try me she said with a smirk
Rick: Ok fine you know am your brother and its nice to say nice things about me once in awhile.
Pamela: i havent got all day ricky dont make me ask again.
Ricky: fine am sorry he said simply.
Pamela: yes you are but you’d have to prove, i dont wanna walk anymore more you’d have to carry me to the car.
Ricky: smiling weirdly as he murmured of cos sweetie, i love you so much so that wont be a problem, he said as he carried her in his arms and was about to walk away.
Pamela: wait a minute, hello she said to dera.
Dera: hi she said smiling.
Pamela: am pamela
Dera: dera.
Pamela: are you lucas date? She asked smiling.
Me: she was about saying yes as i quickly held her mouth. Mum gonna be worried about you, get going already i said smiling.
Pamela: hahahah byeee lucas she said still in ricky’s arm, lets go she comanded.<strong
To be continued