I am in love….except I think what I feel is too weird to be love.  I look at him in a way I’d rather he doesn’t notice.
When I think deeply about what I feel, I wish that someone could feel something like that for me though it’s scary.
I realise that what I feel fears no challenges,  i’m willing to stand as long as he supports me, ever willing to be the shoulder he needs, willing to withstand anything that comes my way, I just want to be there whenever I’m needed.
What I feel is something that when I talk about to friends, I’m mocked because they doubt a person can love this much
But the saddest part is, the one I love this much doubts that this kind of love exists
Why then would I tell him how I feel when he doubts it’s existence
Morale: there are so many situations in which you should be patient enough to hear what a person truly feels for you because everyone feels things differently