Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 63


​Sleep was so wonderful, i opened my eyes a bit to see the sun was up already, turning left and right trying to drift back to sleep. I was so relaxed and it kinda made me want to remained glued to my bed just then i felt some jump on me.
Dera: wakey wakey sleepy head!! Its morning already.
Me: i chuckled a bit knowing it was her but my body was really unwilling to leave the bed.
Dera: lucas lucas lucas!!! She sanged.
Me: ooh come on! what are you doing here this early i said turning the other way.
Dera: wanna have my breakfast so i came to pick you! She said so loudly in my ears as i jumped in shock.
Me: dera!!!. I said with a bit of smile on my face.
Dera: hahahha dont tell me you were scared.
Me: leave me alone i still wanna sleep!! I said falling back into my bed.
Dera: you really are a lazy a-s luke she said hit his head with the pillow.
Me: aaaawww!! You didnt just hit me with that pillow.
Dera: ofcourse i did she said giggling.
Me: you’re gonna be dead for sure i said turning her over as i tickled her.
Dera: hahhahaha stop it luke plssss hahahaha, ok ok ok am sorry!!!
Me: smiling i cant hear you! say it louder.
Dera: hahahah am sorry!!! She yelled.
Me: laying next to her, you’d have to wait a little i said with a smile.
She has been in san jose hospital for over 30minutes and it seemsvsmith is gonna take a while longer than she imagined she thought crossing her legs as she continued waiting. She really hates waiting,cit kinda makes her unconfortable.
Smith drove into the hospital, got down quickly, rushed to the other door, holding it for sophia as she came down. He quickly grabbed her hands pulling her along as they ran into the reception.
Sophia: enough of the running already! she said obviously tired.
Smith: come on just a little more plsss he said as he kept up his pace.
Sophia: dragging her feet, for crying out loud am lady you fool!!! She yelled angrily.
She was really getting tired of waiting, just then she saw smith walking towards her. All she wanted to do right now was yell at him, when her eyes caught her beautiful daughter trailing behind. She was so lost in stares.
Sophia: she was so shocked to see lucas mum!! She yelled in her head as she stared back.
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Mirabel: come on have a sit she said smiling a bit.
Sophia: sitting next to her, she felt a bit uncomfortable, uhmm i know you are lucas mum she said imediately.
Mirabel: yeah thats correct by chance are you and lucas friends? She asked.
Sophia: just nods, uhmm why am i here?? she asked.
Mirabel: yes about that, first we have to move to somewhere far away from listeners she said staring at the nurses in the reception. They both walk into Dr jose office, he quickly excused them.
Mirabel: handing over a document to her.
Sophia: its a hospital report she said staring at her abit confused.
Mirabel: go ahead read it
Sophia: uhmm by chance are you mirabel mcfadden?
Mirabel: nodding, lets just hope you’d address me as mother soon enough.
Sophia; lucas has a twin sister?? Ashley, she said smiling abit.
Mirabel: yup she said nodding in agreement.
Sophia: uhmm but what has this got to do with me??
Mirabel: well first i need you to calm down, right now theres 75% probability you are ashley she said calmly.
Sophia: scoffs, sorry ma’am but that sound so funny, am sophia morrison not ashley.
Mirabel: well i need a medical prove to be sure. If you wont find it disturbing, could you please give the doctor a bit of blood.
Sophia: i hate needles, am scared of them! I cant believe i came all the way here just to have that weird piece of metal pierce my skin she whispered to herself. Fine!! Just to prove to you am not your daughter.
Mirabel: smiling ok lets go then
To be continued