Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 62


​Sophia: just stared at him like he was crazy, do you have any idea how weird you are?
Smith: nope
Sophia: first i dont even know you! Secondly you are asking me to come with you and then i’d get an explanation later. Scoffs thats hilarious!!
Smith: i get your point, its kinda hard to trust anyone this days, but you have to trust me sophia!! He said stressing everybit of his words.
Sophia: what ever you wanna show me am really not interested so save yourself the stress and go back to whoever sent you,  Just tell them the sophia you found isnt that stupid!! She said walking away.
Smith: turned swiftly running passed her. Standing in her path. Plsss its very important sophia, you really need to believe me.
Sophia: seriously leave me alone she said pushing him aside walking away.
Smith: aaaarrghhh he said rubbing his hair abit, this is really gonna be harder than he thought, looking at his watch. It was 9:25am, am really behind schedule!! He thought.
And then he decided to give his boss updates on the current situation. He got out his phone dialing her private line.
Mirabel: smith! She called.
Smith: ma’am we’ve got a problem.
Mirabel: am listening
Smith: sophia has refused to come with me, with out a logical explanation.
Mirabel: then do whatever you must to bring her here, even if that includes lucas she said.
Smith: ok ma’am he said and she dropped the line.
He walked to her door post, resting on the wall as he tried to come up with a plan. Having lucas in all this is gonna make it complicated, am sure she has no idea who lucas was. He stood there for over an hour as his brain kept coming up with different ideas.
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she walked to the cafetaria for breakfast, she never stopped wondering who he was. He sounded so serious and convincing, but theres no way she’s going anywere with a total stranger, she hissed as she drifted her attention back to her food. Soon she was done, she decided to spend a few more minutes here before leaving, she wouldnt want to see him again.
After a while she walked out of the cafe, heading straight to the girls dorm. Got to the hallway leading right straight to her room.
Sophia: just afew miles to her door she saw him resting on the wall. What!! Are you a stalker or what she asked looking pissed.
Smith: ok fine you win, but i need you to calm down, i’ll have to tell you few details to earn your trust.
Sophia: am listening she said folding her arms.
Smith: its about your mum, if you wanna know who your mum really is you’d definitely come with me without blinking.
Sophia: hahahah seriously, my mum is dead silly!!, now out of my way!
Smith: no she’s not sophia, she’s waiting for you at san jose’ private hospital right now, she sent me to get you. He said looking at her in the eye hoping that works.
Sophia: shocked# he sounded so serious and convincing, she just stared at him looking so confused, her dad said her mum died, he never told her how or when but all she knew is, she never met her.
Smith: turning to leave, well i guess you dont believe me i’d just go he said walking away praying she calls him back.
Sophia: what if he’s telling the truth, right now there’s only one way to find out, i’d rather risk finding out his lying than miss an opportunity to see my mum. Wait!!!! She yelled running after him.
Smith: his heart leaped in joy as he stopped, fighting back his smiles. He turned looking at her with a straight face.
Sophia: if at any point i find out you are lying to me, trust me you’d be sorry.
Smith: then i guess we have to hurry, we are really behind time he said holding her hands as they ran to the car.
To be continued