Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 58


​I picked up my phone as we both walked out of my room, heading straight to the cafeteria, it was getting dark already. We walked into the cafetaria, it was well decorated and other couples were seated, we walked around looking for our dates when i heard my name.
 Isabel: lucas! She called smiling
 Me: turning to see her, hey isabel i said smiling back, let me guess you’re waiting for your date?
 Isabel: thats correct she said smiling. 
Me: who’s the awesome guy i asked smiling. 
Isabel: he’s right behind you she said smiling.
 Me: turning to see damian, ooh thats nice i said smiling as i walked away to see dera seated on our table as she waited. I adjusted my tie and walked to were she was.
 Dera: hey she said smiling 
Me: with a straight face hi! I said sitting down. We just stared at each other for a while. 
Dera: i really dont know what to say to you lucas, i just feel like i have alot to apologize for. 
Me: well am listening then 
Dera: i know, it gonna sound abit weird, but am really sorry about your face. I know i should have said something earlier, i just couldnt face you knowing its all my fault. 
Me: trust me i learnt a whole lot of lessons already, but am just curious about one thing.
 Dera: you can ask me anything she said softly.
 Me: after ditching me, it wasnt even up to a day and i saw you and damian kissing. And thats why i wanna hear you say it, was it that you actually loved damian and you were hanging out with me just because you feel like you need to repay a debt? 
Dera: shocked# no no thats not what it is, i did love you, but then i was scared, after i met you i was begining to have a change of mind about certain things and ray’s words. She said looking abit sad. 
Me: i really dont understand how any of this explains got to do with you and damian kissed! 
Dera: its kinda complicated luke i just needed a clear head, just wanted to feel normal and not being used.
 Me: shaking my head her words were quite disapointing, i stood up grabbing her arm as i pulled her to a spot where we can have a good view of ricky and mira. 
Dera: why are we here? 
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Me: thats mira over there with ricky, i said didnt ray say she deffered a semester??
 Dera: just stared at them without saying a word. We walked back to our seat 
Me: all he said was lies, its quite disapointing dera, i wished more than anything, you’d rather go to sleep on my words because i was sincere!
 Dera: am really sorry about that luke, i do regret every bit of it, i should have let you do some explaining. 
Me: well i guess its all in the past know, i was willing to stick my head out for you, i guess it no longer neccessary. 
Dera: i know am pathetic, i know am crazy, or anything you might wanna say to me right now, i really do wish you could see things the way i do luke, i know i have got no excuse but am really sorry. She said with sparkles in her eyes like she was gonna cry. 
Me: she sounded so convincing, right now but i wasnt ready to give in, i grabbed the menu, well its time to place our orders for dinner i said changing the topic. 
Dera: nodding as she called the waiter and we gave him our orders. We sat in silence waiting for him to be back with our foods. Soon he was back with a huge silver tray, containing our meals as he carefully placed them in front of us. We played with the food for a while, i guess we both lost our apetite.After a while we tried eating a little and then i broke the silence.
 Me: if you’ve said all this before you and damian kissed, i guess things would have been alot more different than they are right now. I really cant help but think i still have to work hard to win you over. Am sorry dera i said standing up to leave. Just then i felt a hand wrapped arround me from behind. 
Dera: then lets go back to the way we used to be she said and my feet felt like they were glued to the ground.
To be continued