Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 57


​Me: i chuckled as i let go of her mouth. 
Dera: hahaha thats you baby sis? 
Me: yup i said smiling lets go, we walked into my room. She sat on my bed while i got out the laptop to show her afew things. 
Dera: she wasnt really interested in whatever he has to show her, she only wanted a better taste of his wonderful lips, she smiled as he sat next to her turned on his system. She didnt even know what got into her, she shut the laptop staring right into his eyes. 
Me: a bit surprised, you dont wanna see it?? 
Dera: not now she said grabbing my shirt as our lips found each other. 
He sat outside his beautiful huge ville with securities everywhere just then a man walked in with a note for him. 
Micheal: well done he said. After his daughter illness he was out to know if she was making up stories about milano or she was actually roughed like she said. And ever since he’s been getting updates of everything from the men he sent to watch their every move. It was more like watching a movie from afar, he knew mirabel had a wonderful boy and ofcourse his grand son, and he was also aware he has a twin sister. 
Micheal: he’s come of age but he know just how to play his cards very well. When he found out for sure milano abused his daughter. He knew deep down he only needs to blink and the martinez world and legacy milano live in, is gonna shatter in front of his eyes like history. But He’d rather wait to see what mirabel has got in store for him, he thought as he smiled abit. 
He picked his phone and dailed mirabel’s private line. 
Mirabel: hello dad 
Micheal: how’s my baby doing?
 Mirabel: am fine dad
 Micheal: great! is there anything i need to know?? He sounded so normal and calm. 
Mirabel: not at all she said. 
Micheal: with a smile, alright have a nice day he said as he hunged up. 
 He slept really late last night and which explains why he is up so late today. He got out of bed and walked into the shower, he has to go see isabel he thought. He used the mouth wash, cleaned up and finally he was out of the bathroom, got dressed and was out insearch of isabel. After the long hours he finally located her room, where he met her absence.
 Damian: s–t!!! He yelled, he wasnt ready to give in just yet. He searched almost everypeach, as that was the coolest place to hang out right now and then he found her in the basket ball peach, sitting with her friends and having a girls chat.
 Damian: exhaling finally! Hello ladies he said smiling. 
Hi they all said smiling back.
 Damian: uhmm isabel can i talk to you for a second? 
Isabel: nope am busy she said as steph gave her a slight hit.
 Damian: come on!! Plss!! 
Isabel: alright alright stop embarrasing me. She said standing as they both strolled out of the peach.
 Damian: am really sorry about last night i was so excited.
 Isabel: no hard feeling damian 
Damian: does that mean we are back in being couples?? 
Isabel: nope! 
Damian: come on am gonna make it up to you i promise.
 Isabel: like i said before i didnt pick you because i love you. Well now am gonna have to regret ever picking you at first. 
Damian: fine just tell me anything and i’ll do it, i know i have this thing with women but its different with you.
 Isabel: and different with dera too right?? 
Damian: uhmm….
 Isabel: smiled am not a fool damian! She said walking away. 
Damian: quickly stopped her, the truth is i thought she was the one when i first saw her, but then i met you. Believe me i feel nothing for her anymore. 
Isabel: shaking her head, you need a love doctor damian, you should have heard yourself talk, i thought she was the one and then i met you. Perhaps you are having a love swing problem, so my advice to you is, wait a bit more you might as well see someone else your gonna love better than me. She said walking away.
To be continued