Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 56


​Me: well lets see how this goes i thought.
Girl: ladies!! Make your pick!! She said as they took turns to look around abit and put down a number on a plane sheet. While they did so some guys tried buying them off with smiles and wave’s. And then i saw sophia and she was the next to pick a number, when our gaze met each other. And she gave me the what are you doing here kinda look.
Me: just smiled a bit raising my shoulder’s a bit like it just kinda happened. And then she walked back to the paper grining.
They kept coming and just then when i thought, no one was coming, dera walked out.
Me: huuuh!! I quickly looked away, i really didnt want to see her face.
Going by alphabet she was supposed to be with B, but then she saw lucas, walked into D-handball peach, she quickly switch her card with someone else. Perhaps shes gonna have the opportunity to apologize she thought. And that explains why she was the last person to show up.
Dera: she just pretended to be looking around to make it fun, deep down she knew its 23 already. She walked back to the sheet of paper, pening down her pick and then some other girl took it to the lady on the addressing system(Anna).
Anna: now its time to get the fun started she said, from my list here am gonna pick only 10number with the highest votes, she said as everyone went silent.
Me: well apart from sophia and dera no one would pick me i said smiling to myself as i relaxed.
Girl: 23, 42, 51, 31, 12, 2, 4, 63, 29, 19. Plsss step forward.
Me: 23??? I had to check my number twice again to be sure it wasnt me.
Girl: number 23 plsss take your position, she said as all eyes was fixed on me. I relunctantly stood up, climbed up to the seat with the ladder behind like every other guy did.
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the ladies who voted for each guy stood in line, holding a baseball.
Girl: you know how its done girls we are gonna start from the lowest 2,4,12,19,23………….63.
The ladies at 2 took turns to throw the ball aiming at the red button. And after a while of trial a lady luckily hit the button and the dude went down inside the mini pool filled with water.
Crowd: yeeeeaaah!! They cheered.
The next set of ladies kicked start.
I just sat there looking at sophia weirdly while she chuckled at intervals. And after a long while it got to my turn.
Me: at this point i really wished i had magical powers, i’d have cast a spell on them and they’d never hit the button. The ladies missed narrowly, and soon it got to sophia’s turn, i really wanted her to win, atleast i’d be safe a little i thought as i grinned a little bit, well she almost hit it, but then almost do not count. The rest of the ladies tried, they kept missing of course. And then it got to dera’s turn.
Me:: right now she’s the least person i expect to hit the button right now! She’d never get it i assured myself.
Dera: you really think am gonna miss she thought smiling a bit, seeing the look on his face, as she aimed for the button and in one nice shot she hit the red button. Yes!!! She exclaim as the crowd cheered for her.
Me: we all waited right inside the pool until the other girls were done hitting the button.
Anna: smiling and now this 10ladies have got themselves a date for 7days!! She yelled as the crowd cheered.
Well i wont say my luck was on vacation, as much as i hated the fact that she won, the part where i have to pretend to be having fun is what i hate even more. Just then sophia came around rubbing her palm on my wet hair as she giggled.
Sophia: you were lucky! She said smiling.
Me: i wanted you to win! Why didnt you.
Sophia: am not gonna answer, hahah your date is coming to get you she said walking away.
To be continued