Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 59


​Me: exhaling deeply, as i slowly took her hands off. Stood for a while in silence.
Dera: right now her heart was beating so fast as she stood there fixed, staring at him.
Me: at this point, i was so d–n confused, i really lost sight of what i wanted but then the plaster i still felt on my face made me wanted revenge more. I turned swiftly hugging her, lets go back then i said simply.
Dera: smiling a bit there’s just something about him that makes her feels like she was gonna explode in joy, something that makes him different. For a while she missed that feeling, and right now it really does feel good.
Me: am gonna have to trust you again dont make me regret it i said softly.
Dera: just nodding as she grinned happily. This time she’s made up her mind to keep him and she knows she’s not gonna screw up.
Me: then i guess we have to finish our meal i said with a smirk as we both got back to our seat, ate and talked about other things and of course smiling on intervals.
She was finding it quite hard to come up with a plan to get her daughter back. She thoughts like confronting doctor charles but then she had a second thought about it. How about they have a little daughter and mother chat she thought. Its really gonna be quite difficult no matter how she thought about it.
She’s got to try something she thought.
After a long time of thinking she finally came up with a plan, first am gonna need a concrete prove to back up the fact that she is my child. Well i think i know exactly how to get it she said smiling alittle.
Mirabel: picked her phone and dailed smith’s number.
Smith: hello ma’am he said
Mirabel: very early tomorrow you’ll have to go to lucas’ school, pick up my daughter and bring her down to a designated hospital.
Smith: uhmm ma’am am gonna have problems recognizing her.
Mirabel: i know she said, you’d have to come over and pick up all details you gonna need tomorrow before leaving.
Smith: ok ma’am
Mirabel: whatever you do, be sure to get her to the hospital as instructed, mistakes would not be tolerated.
Smith: yes ma’am
Mirabel: and if am impressed, am gonna give a raise.
Smith: with a smirk, have got everything covered ma’am he said.
Mirabel: dropping the line, as she put all details he’s gonna need in a brown envelope, ranging from her photo’s to the hospital’s address.
Everyone was having a nice time out, as they all seemed to be getting along with their dates.
Ricky: smiling you are looking so beautiful in those smiles he complimented.
Mira: smiling# other than smile what else do you like she said winking.
Ricky: he’s never been shy infront of anygirl ever before, but tonight her charisma and mannerism he felt abit intimidated. Smilling you’ve changed a whole lot you know that.
Mira: i know, i had to let go of somethings and have a fresh start.
Ricky: smiling by chance does that include lucas he said looking at her with the corner of his eye.
Mira: hahaha well you are correct, i realized sometimes its best to let go.
Ricky: like you are way over him now??
Mira: uh-huh, right now we are just platonic friends she said with a smile.
Ricky: and that means! I still stand a chance.
Mira: smiling# uhmm i guess so, but trust me you’re still gonna have to work hard she said winking.
Ricky: perfect lets dance he said as they walked to the dance floor.
To be continued