Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 53


​The day flew by really fast and i felt myself glued to my bed
wallowing in and out of sleep and before i knew it, its dawn already.
I stretched a bit got out of bed took my shower just then my phone rang.
Me: hello dad
Milano: joe is coming over with family nurse.
Me: ok dad i’ll be waiting.
Milano: alright then have a nice day.
Me: and you too dad.
Well i really didnt have much to do today, its a class free week
always called the ladies week. So i decided to sit in my room and read, but then i was finding it a bit difficult to concentrate. I was d–n! Hungry, i quickly grabbed my jacket, looked around for my credit card when i realized my credit card was with dad.
Me: oh my God no!!! I yelled i was really hungry!!! What do i do now i wondered.
Me: yes!!! Ricky’s gonna help out
He woke up stretching, when his tommy made so grumbling sound he quickly showered, and was dressed to go out for breakfast when it dawned on him he’s got no credit card.
Damian: aaaarrrrghh this is really frustrating!! How the hell am i gonna survive for 2weeks without my card. The fact that he could do nothing to help the situation made his stomach long for food the more.
Damian: yes!! Ricky!!
I walked to ricky’s room and knocked for a while he seemed to be fast asleep, i knocked harder.
Ricky: who the hell is it
Me: open up you lazy a-s!!
Ricky: he dragged himself to the door, lucas you’ve never been to my room this early, dont tell me you missed me already.
Me: hell no!! Am starving!
Damian: me too!! He said as we both turned in shock!
Damian!! We said in unison
Damian: yeah i know its weird but for now i really need something to eat.
Ricky: hahaaha well as you can see am still sleeping come back when am awake! He said grining as he walk back into his room, i quickly grabbed his arm while damian grabbed his short simultaneously.
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Dont mess with me we both said in unison, as we stared at each other and then shifted our gaze back to ricky.
Ricky: ok ok am gonna have to shower come in and wait, you know its the ladies week.
We walked in, i sat on his bed while damian was sitted on the seat close to his reading table. While ricky showered and sanged like his life was taking over by joy of a lifetime.
Me: yarwning it been over 30mins now and ricky was still in the bathroom!!! I think i have to drag him out i thought just then he came out smiling and dancing as he walked to where he kept his clothes searching for only God knows what.
Damian: just pick one already!!! he yelled.
Ricky: not so fast he said smiling i wanna look smoking hot.
My hungry stomach couldnt put up with ricky’s annoying act, i really felt like hitting him but then i think i was begining to understand why wise men spoke of patience as a virtue. My cheek relaxed on my palm as i endured the annoying sight of ricky, who kept trying different cloths in the name of finding a perfect outfit and atlast he found one he thinks was cool.
Damian: so can we go now he asked desperately
Ricky: dont be in a hurry bro! You know i have to give my hair a nice touch, just wait a little longer.
We watched him creamed his hairs as he combed through it gently, am sure if there’s ever a moment we wanted to kill ricky, this one would definitely be mentioned. And after ages he was done, looking at himself in the mirror.
Ricky: today am gonna be among the dude who’s gonna be voted as MR PERFECT by those ladies he said smiling have got all the wonderful and superhot qualities any lady would want. Right guys!!
Right we said nodding and smiling like bribed receptionists.
Ricky: alright then lets go he said as he walked to his locker to get his credit card and ooops it was nowhere to be found! Just then he recalled he left it on the table in pamela’s room with his wallet.
Whats wrong ricky?? We asked with curiousity.
Ricky: i think i left mine at home!
To be continued