Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 54


​Ricky!!!! We yelled angrily walking towards him as he quickly ran into his bathroom shutting the door immediately.
Ricky: am sorry guys it really wasnt intentional he yelled as he chuckled abit. And just then my phone ranged.
Me: hello joe!
Did you just say joe!!! They both chorused
Me: yea his coming with the nurse to redress my injury.
Ricky: we could borrow joe’s card he said quickly opening the door
Damian: not after getting a punch he said raising his fist.
Ricky: whoa whoa you’re gonna need that energy he said smiling abit, now i think we should find a way to convince joe.
Me: yeah lets go then, we hurried outside, i greeted the nurse and she quickly removed the old plaster, applying a few liquid and then covering it with a new plaster.
Nurse: here you go she said handing a small bottle, half filled with some kind of liquid over to me.
Me: what do i do with this
Nurse: am not gonna come anymore, you have to use this one on your face.
Me: thank you i said as i quickly moved to where joe stood. Joe can i talk with you for a moment plsss, we moved a few distance from the car when damian and ricky hurriedly came over.
Damian: Joe could you lend us your credit card.
Joe: why?? He asked just then his phone ranged he just nodded a few and said he’d be right there
Ricky: Joe i left my credit card at home, right now we are super hungry.
Joe: ok then he said as he walked to the car, picked his wallet got out the credit. As we all smiled, our eyes and mind pictured all we were gonna have as breakfast and then joe came back with a bit squeezed face.
Damian: whats wrong joe??
Joe: uhmmm i think i gave my other card to my wife, she needed to go shopping.
Ricky: nooo joe there got to be something otherwise we’re gonna starve to death.
Joe: well there’s a bit of goodnews and badnews again.
Me: tell us the goodnews.
Joe: this card only have a few bucks in it, am afraid it will barely be enough for 2 days, i’ll advice you look for some way out. In the main time i have to be on my way right now he said as i quickly grabbed the card, and then he got into the car and drove off.
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Damian: come on man!!! Are you gonna stand there or get your butt moving to the cafetaria, i feel like am gonna die.
Me: come on didnt you hear the last part, we’re gonna have to find some other alternative.
Ricky: ok ok enough of the mr smart part, lets eat already and stop sounding like you are mapping out a war strategy.
Me: that’s what it is, a war strategy, lets talk about the rest at the cafeteria, i said when i heard the grumbling sound my tommy made. We all walked to cafe, ordered for burger as we pounced on it really hard. Soon we were done exhaling deeply.
Damian: have never been this hungry my whole life.
Me: you know i still think its all your fault damian!
Ricky: yeah me too, and you should be the one getting us out of this mess.
Damian: come on!! How do you expect me to do that!!
Ricky: you think man! Think!!
Me: have got an idea, how about you put your talent to use, seduce a girl and borrow her card i said smiling.
Ricky: hell no!! That gonna ruin my reputation. How about you stand on the walk way with a chart, kiss a cute guy for 50bucks, he said as we both burst in laughter.
Damian: why are we the only people in here he asked
Ricky: its girls week silly just then we saw a few ladies running towards us smiling!
To be continued