Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 39


One of her personal security came with the details she needed before dark yesterday, her name is Garet donovan, currently residing in baywood, serra ricco town, house 114.
Sitting on classic wooden seat close to her pool, she put a call through to smith ordering him to come over to the pool side.
Smith: goodmorning ma’am he said
Mirabel: handing over the address of the nurse they were suppose to go in search for, to him.
Smith: its baywood ma’am
Mirabel: you know your way around that town dont you?
Smith: i havent been there for a while but am certain i can find that house.
Mirabel: get the other car ready, inform the security, we leave for serra ricco in an hour time.
Smith: ok ma’am he said leaving.
Its almost mid-day he left his friends and was off to the girls dorm as he planned earlier today, luckily he ran into dera on the hallway.
Dera: hey! She said giving him a hug.
Damian: smiling how you doing?
Dera: great, is someone missing me already?
Damian: i was hoping we’d have lunch together.
Dera: yeah that will be great, am starving lets go she said grabbing his arm.
Damian: smiling he was quite impressed at her response today, they walked talking all the way to the cafetaria, were they ate.
Dera: so what have you been up to? I trust you have alot of free time lately she asked smiling.
Damian: been out with a few buddies, when i recalled i havent seen your beautiful face today.
Dera: smiling alright i get it, have never really gotten the chance to say thank you.
Damian: for what??
Dera: the flowers and ofcourse the dinner, i really loved everybit.
Damian: you aint see nothing yet he said smiling.
Dera: seriously you are cool she said smiling as they both shifted their attention to the food in front of them and Soon they were done.
Damian: i have something very special for you he said smiling.
Dera: smiling ok i cant wait to see it.
Damian: not so fast you’d have to feel it, he said smiling, now close your eyes he added.
Dera: smiling as she shut her eyes
Damian: he got up a bit as he brought his lips slowly toward hers, as the distance between them reduced he shut his eyes too, and soon his lips met hers.
After a long nap i got up and was off to the gym, exercised for a few hours, got back to my dorm cleaned up and was off to the cafeteria for lunch, i was d–n hungry, i guess that was the after effect from the exercise at the gym. I walked into the cafeteria, ordered for chips gizzard sauce and lemonade, well arranged in a silver tray i walked to find an empty table when i saw dera and damian locked in a deep kiss.
Me: my body unconsciously froze as i stared at them with my eyes open, looking so startled i felt like i was begining to hallucinate, i blinked a few times and the image was still in front. Right now i would give anything to wake from this horrible dream. Have been hurt alot of times but this time i felt like my heart was bleeding, it hurt like my heart was pierced through by a spear. I really thought she was different.
While i stood there looking so horrified, my hands were begining to go numb and my grip on the tray lossened bit by bit and then it slipped off making loud contact with the ground, the loud sound it made brought me back to reality, drawing the attention of both dera and damian towards me.
To be continued