IF MEN WERE DOGS (18+) – Episode 2


Credit: Kwadwo Sheldon

No one hit Beauty…it was what she imagined Kwame could do to her – hit her so hard….hurt her so much!

 “Happy Birthday bitch” Mimi said immediately she answered Beauty’s call. She smacked the man in her bed to stop him from snoring. It was all planned even before Beauty called. Mimi had plans to make Beauty’s birthday wilder than careful. It would be a girls’ night out if only Naana didn’t mess up the plans with her perfect marriage tales.

Meet Mimi.

She started as a model when she settled in Ghana for the first time 8years ago from the United Kingdom. A freelance model. But she wished for more…in the same industry. She came in just at the time there were few models and not everyone who owned a smart phone with great camera and editing apps and filters could be a model on social media. She worked hard and smart for all she had; an ultramodern photo and video studio where she trained models and directed videos. She dropped modeling last year when she finally decided to be a photographer and video director but she still had a few commercials on TV and billboards.

She had her share of wild nights and also had VIP pass to all the exotic night clubs and pubs. If not for looks, people fell for her subtle voice and British accent which made her the favorite nightlife photographer in the city, a hobby which eventually became a job. 
She loved to view the night through her lens and it often ended in sex with strangers. There were times she had sex with more than two strangers on a night. She really didn’t want anything beyond sex. A couple of one night stands and no names.

She couldn’t pinpoint exactly the kind of guys she liked or what about them she did. She had seen it all working as a photographer. She has seen the tall, well cut and really built hot models who could pass for lead actors in Mexican Series. She’s seen the hot ones with great abs and perfect bodies who could make it on the cover page of fitness and body building magazines. And then the beautiful boys who represent BLONDE. Sexy, and sexy…very sexy and drop dead sexy. Yes! That sexy unless it’s time to use their brains; and those were exactly her kind! The sexy but dumb ones.

She didn’t remember how this guy got into her bed but from how she felt; really tired with severe headache, it could mean one thing; rowdy sex. Four used condoms on the floor confirmed it. If she didn’t remember initiating this whole affair five hours ago, she would have felt raped…even if it was, she needed it.

SHIT! It was almost 9am and this strange man in her bed had to leave. He had to leave like hours ago. She really must have been too tired to have slept off without driving this guy away, or he probably was good looking; HELL NO! It obviously was the former. She needed to stop drinking, looking at the man who just turned in her bed, she wouldn’t even piss on him to quench fire if he was burning.

It was a Saturday morning and it surprised her why Gerald hadn’t dropped Sam over. Gerald was her favorite mistake, she would repeat that whole mistake again if she had to live another life. She wasn’t about this whole relationship stress and headache, but a larger part of her convinced her she was ready when she met Gerald six years ago, she didn’t give the idea much thought. She and Gerald met at a fashion show where they had to open the show with casual wear from one of Africa’s finest designers from Namibia. The pair were impeccable on stage and left the audience wowed with the grace with which they walked down the runway like the make-believe couple. She felt they had a great chemistry, a strong bond and affection beyond the runway, beyond the glitz and glamour.

They started dating after they met again on set to shoot a commercial for an Estate. From the start it was great and of course like the start of every relationship, they questioned themselves why they never met earlier. Gerald was as wild as Mimi and they lived life on the fastest lane. They went for events together and gradually made it on all entertainment tabloids, websites and blogs as a model couple. She took photographs of him as her hobby.

Everything changed when she found out she was pregnant. Abortion wasn’t an option, her friends spoke against it, so did Gerald, it wasn’t like he had much say in the final decision if her mind was made up. He wanted the baby, it took time for Mimi to give in to keeping the child. They broke up before the baby was born but kept in touch, not often. They sometimes had casual outings. Gerald still found her attractive but she didn’t. He should have thought of her before sleeping with that teenager; a girl she Mimi was almost twice her age…she hated to admit this, it made her feel so old and odd. And the baby is five now.

The guy from last night was taking forever to dress up. He started a conversation while he wore his shoes but Mimi didn’t encourage that. She started cleaning the room like she was in there alone and the guy felt invisible. She didn’t care if Gerald came to meet the guy in her room. NO! She didn’t even care if he was in her and Gerald broke the door open, but she cared about Sam. He was five and she didn’t want any man but Gerald around him. Finally what seemed like eternity ended, the guy finished dressing and walked out of her room which meant he was out of her life. This guy did not just leave her with headache but also left traces of his strong masculine cologne in the room. She rushed, got a spray and diffused the smell with hers. She didn’t enjoy anyone occupying her space from childhood and it wasn’t going to start now with the smell of a stranger from one night stand in her bedroom.

She had a cold shower. A knock interrupted as soon as she popped some painkillers. She swallowed the tablets and gulp some water from the glass which had Naana and Mike’s name on. It was a souvenir from their wedding three years ago and she had took good care of it. As she opened the door, Sam jumped to hug her and they shake hands immediately in a choreographed way like they always did. He was always happy to see her on Saturdays, and Sundays at church which was seldom or whenever she passed by his school to see him. Sam lived with Gerald’s parents. It took her more than two minutes to say a word to Gerald. Sam had all her attention.

She played scrabble and other board games with Sam and she was surprised at the kind of words he could spell at age five. This was a credit she wasn’t going to take, she knew that he had had that trait from Gerald, he was really smart and intelligent and exceptionally good with words. She could also credit Gerald’s mother, she had a nursery school and it was evident Sam played with just numbers and words. He watched his favorite cartoons. He made him pancakes, fries with chicken and rice, all in less than three hours. Now she wasn’t surprised why he had grown bigger than his age, he ate like a manual worker. She really was getting tired with his numerous questions about everything around and she was getting tired of being a mother suddenly. Today was just the wrong time but she had always been a great mother; that she knew.

She went into her closet to choose what to wear for tonight. So, Sam helped her choose something for the night. She was amazed at the child’s sense of fashion and color, she loved everything he proposed, at five, he made better fashion decision than her sexual decisions.

She called the Nite Hotel to make reservations for three in their restaurant and also tickets to their club. The receptionist at the other end was warm and all happy when she heard Mimi mention her name and responded yes to her question when she asked to be sure if she was the top model. She felt some sense of importance, she always got that reaction when people knew her for her fame and she doesn’t think she’ll ever get used to it. She’s knew she was narcissistic and she knew she was pretty and she knew that will never change.
She bathed Sam and got him ready for Gerald to pick him up. Gerald came in dressed in black khaki pant over a black polo shirt with a cap. He knew exactly how to turn her on and she was going to fall for no temptation. Black was her favorite color and Gerald almost looked naked in her eyes. Sam run to hug him. He picked Sam’s bag and starts walking out without a word. She interrupts;
“You look great”
He just turned and smiled at her and walked with their son on his chest. Bastard, he couldn’t appreciate a compliment. He certainly knew how to make her want him, and what he just did was one. She missed Sam already, he brought a whole lot of life to her home.

She checked her phone to see missed calls from Beauty. It was time to get ready for the night. She had a quick shower and changed her mind on what to wear. Gerald had just inspired her, she wore a straight black dress that was slightly above her knees to flaunt her long legs, a very thin diamond chain to add elegance to the dress and a high-heel shoes. She put her Taser in her black clutch, the town wasn’t safe and she needed to protect herself. She picked her camera, she needed images of the night, it promised to be wild. Whatever happened, she wasn’t going to drink too much and she wasn’t going to bring any man home, she had a photo-shoot the next day for a telecommunication network and she needed all sanity for this work because they paid a fortune for her service.

She put out all the lights in her room and walked out. Everything was set for the night; wine, food, cake, music and dance. She was the best party planner and this was sure going to be the best party she’s planned after the one that almost set her entire house on fire. It was an accident. She just had to pick Naana out and they’ll get Beauty from her end. She dialed Naana’s number and put it on loud speaker.

“I’m taking no excuses” Mimi said immediately Naana answered the call. She started the car and drove off.

To be continued….