Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 20


​*******Dera variz*******
Her dad vahn alvariz was a dual agent, he was a british agent at the Same time, was a mole agent in a notorious gang of russian organization know as S.W.I.F.T, over the years has become force to reckon with. In other not to get any suprise, 2 of the british agents has to be planted in their organisation to watch their every move closely. 
Everything was going as planned, playing such a dangerous role was quite fun. But then it only took one mistake for vahn and his colleague to be spotted, they knew they had a mole, a new tracking skill for calls and location was worked on, in less than 30minutes callers location details would be revealed. He narrowedly scaled through this trap, it was quite unfortunate they have long been identified as moles and that’s how they met there demise. Vahn and the other agent was murdered
Dera who has been keeping her dad in check, for a very long time, even when he was away she knew almost everything about his job and s.w.i.f.t leaving her dad with the thought of her being a regular kid who could just defend herself, after her mum died. 
She left bed, drove in the middle of the night to her house, got out her black personal field suit with spider design on it, she got it on with her black glooves. 
She packed a few gadget into her bag as she drove down to their hide out. Bodly written SWIFT on it, it was more like a ware house but benearth it was a million dollar, hi-tech installments.
Sitting on top of the roof was dera holding a round piece of silver metal which she clipped to the roof, as she powered it all systems, right inside the building began to malfunction. Like a lightening she was down from the building as she ran inside swiftly, she had just 1hour 30mins to be out. 
She got to the passage, went through them noiselessly and then she heard footsteps approaching, she quickly scaled the wall into the safe room which was locked on the slender screen showed password and a few buttons. Looking at her stop watch as it counted down from 1:30mins she had just 59minutes. 
Overiding the password was gonna take more time, she thought as she scaled the wall back she found a turnel in the roof which she opened as she hurriedly entered the room. Finally she was in the safe, she quickly grabbed the blue print map of the place and vacated imediately, putting her device back in her bag, she quickly took off the suit as she ran to her car, it was dawn already.
Me: wondering were she had gone to, i called out for her a few times and then i finally realized she wasnt even in her bathroom. I opened my bag to got her laptop out, zipped it close as i walked to the door. Before i could reach out for the knob it open.
Dera: heeey you awake she said with a smile.
Me: what are you doing out there so early? I asked a bit confused.
Dera: showing me a huge pack of cookies, i was starving you know she said smiling.
Me: smiles as i shaked my head giving way and then she walked in. Thats your laptop over there i have to go now.
Dera: wait a minute aint you gonna shower?? She said smiling
Me: i’ll do that in my room, now go get ready you have to be in class today i said in more of a commanding tone playfully before leaving for my dorm.
Dera: yes sire
To be continued